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Home Business “People of Bangladesh are hard-working. The country won’t lag behind anymore”

“People of Bangladesh are hard-working. The country won’t lag behind anymore”

Zakir Hossain
Sufia Institute of Science & Technology (SIST);
CEO, Data Group; Manager, USAID


Many talented people in this world have been able to move towards the success using their efforts, talent, and proper planning. Zakir Hossain is one of them. From his childhood, he dreamt to be a public servant and help others. Having strong faith in it, he didn’t want to only establish himself, but also wanted to help others in achieving their goals. Today, he has been able to achieve and accelerate his path in the direction he was cultivating in his mind.

As a professional IT expert (expert in multiple programming languages, System Administration, Cyber Security, and SME for Data Science), he is working as a president of Sufia Institute of Science & Technology (SIST), CEO of Data Group, and a manager of IT Operations, US Agency for International Development (USAID). US Government appointed Mr. Zakir as a Chief Engineer for the first digital census of Bangladesh in 2012 while he was working with the US Census Bureau to work jointly with the Bangladesh Census Bureau, which a few of Bangladeshi Americans can achieve.

He is the founder of a renowned institution called Sufia Institute of Science & Technology (SIST). It is important to note that the institution is named after his mother name, Sufia Begum. Besides providing different types of financial assistance to Bangladeshi students, and community, Sufia Institute offers scholarships to its students. The scholarship program is named as Hazrat Ali Scholarship. Zakir Hossain has named the scholarship program after his late father, Mohammad Hazrat Ali. Mr. Ali has always preached the importance of education. A remarkable statement of Mr. Zakir is even if all doors of all educational institutes are closed due to financial hardship of a student, Sufia Institute will extend it’s arm and is always open for them. Sufia Institute has students from over 12 different nationalities including Bangladeshi students. Sufia Institute offers career counselling and job placement services for the students. As a result, over 3100 students were able to change their career from low paid jobs to IT field from this institute. Sufia Institute has achieved many awards and recognitions from different organizations. This has brightened the image of Bangladesh in the USA.

At the same time, he is the founder and CEO of a famous USA based IT company, Data Group. His wife, Dina Hossain, is the president of the company. The Corporate office of Data Group is in USA. Visionary Zakir Hossain strongly believe the people of Bangladesh are talented and hard-working. And that is why has established the Software Development and Technical Support Center at Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He visits Bangladesh often to improve the private IT sector of Bangladesh.

Prior to joining USAID, Zakir Hossain worked as a Team Lead of IT Operations of, US Dept. of Labor, Department of Defense (DOD), IT Specialist, US Census Bureau, and Oracle Database Administrator at the US Department of State.

Zakir Hossain was born in Gazipur, Bangladesh. He currently lives in Washington DC. He studied at BAF Shaheen College, an elite school in Dhaka. After completing his HSC, he moved to the USA for higher studies. He was also a student of Institute of Forestry, CU, Jahangirnagar University, and Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh. He is associated with various Bangladeshi social organizations in the USA.


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