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People can be helped and their love can be achieved through organizational activities

Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam
All Asian American Foundation

Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam is an established entrepreneur in the USA, who never forgets his motherland even after living far away. He is now a permanent resident of the USA. He is the president of ‘Bangladesh American Friendship’ in North America & All Asian American Foundation.
Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam was born in a respectable family of greater Chattogram. From his childhood, he would dream to go to America. His dream saw the light as he came to the USA. He has established himself as an entrepreneur businessman. When he was in Bangladesh, he involved in student politics. Later, he joined to Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Even after coming to the USA, he never compromises with his honesty. He is still working for BNP. He is now the president of Inter State BNP in the USA.
Though he is politician, he is simple in nature. All Bangladeshi Americans are all equal to him. He used to helping all people irrespective of their party, opinion and religion. His humanitarian philosophy is “People are for people”. Containing this thought in mind, he with his friends has stood beside the jobless and helpless people. They have provided foods and relief goods to them. They have done this irrespective of their party.
Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam is a luminary of Bangladesh who once served as Managing Director at NTS Corporation Inc. at Brooklyn in New York. But, there is organizational skill in his blood. He believes, many people can be helped through organizational activities and their love and respect can also be earned. For this reason, Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam is one of them who have deeply involved themselves in human development organization in the USA. He has been serving as President of Bangladesh American Friendship, North America.
Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam, a devoted soul to organization, served as member secretary and cashier of FOBANA, is one of the oldest Bangladeshi organizations in North America.
He is the former president of North America Chattogram Association. Under his leadership, this organization has turned into an important organization for Chattogram immigrants. He is former organizational secretary of Bangladesh Society in New York. He has currently been performing the duties as executive secretary of FOBANA.
Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam is uncompromising regarding the interests of Bangladesh. He says, political thought is for individuals but interests of the country all. He is very active in the protesting movement from the beginning of the construction of Tipaimukh dam by India without any discussion with Bangladesh. He has highlighted the water aggression of India arranging meetings and seminar in the banner of ‘Save Bangladesh’.
Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam is a brave and devoted person. He also introduces Mezban, one of the popular social festivals of the Chittagong region, in the USA. He opines, it is a traditional custom of Bangladesh. He says, he wants to continue this traditional festival so that the children of Chattogram immigrants live here don’t forget their culture.
He is very worried about the outbreak of coronavirus. He urges the rich Americans to help the corona-hit people in Bangladesh particularly Chattogram. He says, if someone helps one dollar, 2 kilograms rice can be bought with it for Bangladeshi people.
Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam is very pious. He likes to lead his as per the Quran and Hadith. He says, our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) says, “If any person backbites and insults others, someday he or she will be punished severely”
Kazi Sakawat Hossain Azam never hesitates to speak the truth. He is an outspoken person. He believes, Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman was able to lead the nation properly during the Liberation War and in crisis moments later.


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