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NRB Commercial Bank Ltd. Contributing To Employment And Enhancing Trade, Commerce

Parvez Tamal
NRB Commercial Bank Ltd.

Engineer Parvez Tamal is one of the many educated, talented and self-confident entrepreneurial businessmen of Bangladesh who has been able to establish himself in the business arena in different countries. This young visionary entrepreneur is currently a citizen of the Russian Federation. Parvez Tamal, a Russian engineer of Bangladeshi origin, is currently the chairman of NRBC Bank Limited, one of the country’s largest private banks. He is also the Chairman of Russia-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Tamal Parvez, a son of the country’s renowned freedom fighter family, is also the General Secretary of Bangabandhu Parishad Russia and a general body member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI).
Parvez Tamal holds a post-graduate degree in Information Technology & Statistics from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics & Information (MESI). He made significant improvements in business through the Logistic hub in Finland and later in the real estate and other businesses. And then he gained a reputation as an established businessman.
Despite receiving higher education, this talented expatriate businessman of the time completed his business professional courses from various academies in 2009, especially HP, Microsoft, IBM, CISCO and established Oldi Group, which is now the market leader in the Russian IT sector.
A prolific entrepreneur, Engineer Parvez Tamal is not only a giant businessman in IT sector, but also an important entrepreneur in the Russian real estate sector. He has also earned a reputation as a Household Product and Logistics Consultant in the real estate sector. He has been involved with many business firms in the European Union and Russia and has been successfully doing business in manufacturing, branding and real estate business.
Regarding education in Russia, he says that the social system which Bangabandhu wanted to establish in Bangladesh exists in Russia. I went there to study because I nurtured the ideological thinking of Bangabandhu. I studied Energy Engineering and later IT there. He says that politics is a kind of social responsibility. I am a man close to politics. I have been working for the people since I was associated with Bangabandhu Parishad.
He says, more than 11 million Bangladeshis are working or doing business abroad. But their income is not that much due to lack of skills. Though expatriates in the Philippines are one-third portion of total number, but their income from remittance is three to four times more than that. He thinks, skilled and trained people should be sent abroad.
Regarding the establishment of NRB Commercial Bank Ltd., Parvez Tamal says, Hon’ble Prime Minister Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina has created milestones in the country’s economy by giving the opportunity to expatriate entrepreneurs to set up banks. The bank has provided employment directly to about 1600 educated people as well as employment of several lakhs people through various business activities and business establishments funded by the bank. He says, the bank provides loans to small and medium traders and farmers as well as industries. This is creating a huge number of new entrepreneurs and employments.
He further says that the bank has been playing an important role in establishing Digital Bangladesh through NRBC Bank Home Loan-999, Remittance Services, Cash Transaction Facility, Fund Transfer, Utility (Gas, Water and Electricity) Bill Receipt, BRTA and VM Registration Fee Receipt, Debit and Credit Card Services, Internet Banking service. To get these services, mobile apps ‘NRBC Planet’ have been launched. In addition, the customer can easily send money from his account to any bKash number through this planet.
Regarding the defaulted loans, this bank entrepreneur makes it clear that strict laws need to be enacted to stop this culture. Defaulted borrowers need to stop traveling abroad, take steps to stop them from investing in other countries. They have to be socially degraded. Then of course it will be possible to stop the default loan culture.
“We need to focus not only on production, but also on marketing and branding,” says Parvez Tamal, an educated and international entrepreneur. Branding needs to be created so that the world can see the products of Bangladesh and it will also brighten the image of Bangladesh. He is hopeful that the second generation educated and IT savvy boys and girls will be able to play a role in marketing and branding.
Parvez Tamal says that Bangladesh has become a middle-income economy today as a result of proper initiatives of the current government. Bangladesh has already achieved self-sufficiency. Bangladesh has already earned the capability of financing in projects worth Tk 40,000-50,000 crore like the Padma Bridge. This has been possible due to the efficient and courageous leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. According to him, Bangladesh will be able to become a developed country very soon if corruption in the country is reduced, transparency and accountability in government activities are established.


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