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Our mission is to be the very best in product quality

Shahjada Mohammad Ali Khan
A luminary and successful entrepreneur

Akash Brahman (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has already established a reputation as a leading company in the Southeast Asian economy. It started its journey in 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand. From the very beginning, it has been able to make a significant contribution to the region as a freshwater fish trading and exporting company. Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company Limited has established itself as the largest Freshwater Fish Processor and Export Company in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand by dint of their honesty, sincerity, dedication, and quality.

Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company Limited is constantly supplying fresh water fish in the international market and the demand for its products is increasing day by day due to their quality. Not only that, the company has already established its branch offices in Myanmar, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore as the business and demand of the people in different countries of the world are increasing. Many high-tech instruments and ampoule storage facilities have been provided in all these countries. The main feature of Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company Limited is that they never compromise with the quality of the product. The only weapon of their survival with other companies in the international world is the supply of quality products. At the same time, the quality of prompt service has increased the people’s trust in this firm many times over. Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company gives priority to the interest of the customers.

Shahjada Mohammad Ali Khan, an entrepreneur and leader of Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company Limited, has always believes that customer is the core of his business. He thinks that if the customer has confidence and trust, the company will survive and its development will continue. He believes, the present world faiths in competition. The confidence of the customers is of course essential to survive here. He says, “Our mission is to be the very best in product quality”. He says, the company is basically standing on 3 concepts in the field of business, these are-
1) Customer satisfaction
2) Environmentally Friendly Processing
3) Continuous Improvement.
The thing that consumers prefer is that the food should not only be of good quality but also taste good. People do not like the food if it does not taste good. Realizing that they have given importance to this, this company is able to grow their business day by day. Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company emphasizes advanced technology and environmentally friendly position in their production. Their activities are environment-friendly. This company continues to play an important role in the economy of Bangladesh.
The motto of Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company Limited is ‘Akash Brahman …… for every products …… We care.
Over the time, Akash Brahman (Thailand) Company Limited has been making a significant contribution to the image of Southeast Asia by marketing the region’s freshwater fish in countries around the world.


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