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Need To Be Honest and Loyal While Utilizing Resources and Manpower

Bilal Chowdhury
Four Star Import & Distribution Inc.
New York.

The non-resident Bangladeshis who have uplifted the image of Bangladesh before the world through their successes in business arena of United States, Bilal Chowdhury is one of them. A luminary son of Sylhet, Bilal Chwodhury is engaged in the mainstream business-trade of America. He has been performing duties as CEO & President of Four Star Import & Distribution Inc, New York since 2009 but in same Seafood Industries more than 20 years. This is mainstream business establishment of America and situated at Brooklyn of New York basically dry & frozen food imports & distribution company. Mr Bilal Chowdhury started his career in sea food imports and became so successful, pioneering & specializing in tigers shrimps, basmati rice what is his regular trading and establishing corporate business with chain supermarkets & other food industries in USA. Mr Chowdhury has become a role model for the new generation Bangladeshi American youngsters.

This charismatic smart young entrepreneur doesn’t think only for business expansion but also put his hand to help other Bangladeshi businessmen at the time of any difficulty. For this purpose, he established an important Bangladeshi American business platform American Bangladeshi Business Alliance (ABBA) for Bangladeshi businessmen. He is the Founding President of this credible organization. So far this organization has successfully conducted 11 business summits where high level dignitaries and government officials participated that includes, finance ministaer, foreign minister, economic advisor, FBCCI & BGMEA presidents, other chamber members, electronic & print media from Bangladesh & USA. One of the successful achievements of this prestigious organization was signing an MoU between ABBA & FBCCI. In addition taking care of problem & issues while importing goods from Bangladesh. They have created strong bridge between East and West. ABBA achieved a lot of recognition here is USA from mainstream elected officials.
Bilal Chowdhury was very meritorious student from his childhood. He completed his SSC from Ismoti High School in 1992 and passed HSC from Sylhet, Later, he took higher education in Computerized Accounting in New York. While he was a student, he engage himself in business to live a dignified life. With his experiences and savings, he started his own import & food distribution company in 2009. He took this brave decision as there is no financial risk in doing job as the salary is paid in exchange of labor. But if someone wants to run business, he or she needs to provide wages and facilities to others.
Self-confident Bilal Chowdhury believes that industry accelerates the development of the people. It can change the fate of the people. Besides, an enterprising businessman can take part in social service activities through his or her earned money. In fact, if someone’s thought is honest and he or she works with enthusiasm and steadiness, then he or she must get success. This has also happened in Bilal Chowdhury’s life. He didn’t look behind again. Whatever he tried to do, he was able to get success.
Bilal Chowdhury is very humble, friendly and benevolent & passionate person. He has also been playing a vital contribution as an organizer. Bilal Chowdhury also remains engaged in real estate business as a investor. He runs this business with a view to helping immigrants’ particularly Bangladeshi immigrants.

Bilal Chowdhury is very much interested in sports. He has also deep attachment with faith. He tries to mix sayings of the Holy Quran to his life style. He is a Chairman of a well-known voluntary organization named Better World Foundation, situated in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Though Bilal Chowdhury remains busy with his business and family activities but he gets himself engaged in social activities as he takes it as prayer. He believes, “Human is the best creation of Allah”. If someone helps a human, he or she helps the creation of Allah. By doing this, we can attain the satisfaction of Allah.

During this coronavirus pandemic period, he continues to help others. He has got himself prepared to provide food stuffs. Regarding a question on the development of Bangladesh, Bilal Chowdhury thinks, “We have huge resources and manpower. We will have to be honest and loyal while utilizing these resources and manpower.”

He is proud as Bangladesh has upgraded to middle-income country and the country is going ahead with the path of development. He also believes that strong and effective actions need to be taken to eradicate corruption from the country. He feels that collective steps of government and opposition are needed for national development.


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