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Nawrin Iqbal

Nawrin Iqbal
The Premier Bank Limited

Nawrin Iqbal is one of the bright stars that have lighted up the Trade and Commerce sector of Bangladesh with her merit and business methodologies. She has armed herself with a BBA and MBA degree from Boston University, USA. She was born to a well known business family. Dr. HBM Iqbal, her father, is not only known as a established businessman but also much talked about and enlightened in the field of politics. He is an ex MP. He has simultaneously built industries and also contributed significantly to the banking sector of Bangladesh. He is one of the initiators of the private sector bank named The Premier Bank Limited and the ex Chairman of its Board of Directors. The qualified daughter of this progressive father is currently the Director and Chairperson of the Board of Audit Committee of Premier Bank Ltd.
Nawrin Iqbal is involved with many other businesses apart from Premier Bank. She is the Vice Chairman of Bentley Sweater and Premier Property Development. Premier Property Development is contributing to society with its well planned and cozy architecture.
The youthful Nawrin Iqbal is also the Managing Director of Nawrin Electronics. She’s also acting as Director in Premier Group of Companies Ltd, Premier Hotel and Resort Ltd, Premier Hotel Management Company Ltd, Centaur Ltd, Bukhara Restaurant Pvt Ltd, ATAB Centre Ltd, Gulf Medical Centre Ltd. and Bengal Tiger Cement Industries Ltd. Therefore it can be concluded that she has had the opportunity to showcase her expertise particularly in the hotel business arena at home and abroad.
Nawrin Iqbal thinks that Bangladeshi women should come forward in business within their own capacities. Speaking of her various initiatives in business she mentioned that her father’s busy schedule in the political arena have led her to get involved in their family businesses. She also emphasized on the power of being young and said that Bangladesh currently has a vast number of youths involved with economic activities which is playing a vital role behind the driving force of the economy.
She believes that the youthful young entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the recent developments taking place in Bangladesh. This young generation is travelling around the world and acquiring knowledge which they are implementing here. We can see the presence of a corporate culture in organizations too and as a result of which employees now found the spirit to work at full capacity. The staff and administration both have transformed drastically.
Nowrin Iqbal understands the essence of politics although not involved directly. According to her, political instability destroys Democracy. Democracy can only take wings if political entities respect each other’s perspectives. She hopes that Bangladesh can transform to a developed country within the next 15 years. But for this political parties must formulate a development guideline to follow.

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