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Nasrin Khan
Canadian Insolvency Restructuring
Professional (CAIRP)
Debt Solutions & Financial

Nasrin Khan is an insolvency practitioner. She is a member of Canadian Insolvency Restructuring Professional (CAIRP) and is very well known in the Canadian South Asian Community. She is also a female business entrepreneur in the Bangladeshi Community in Toronto. Her company Debt Solutions and Financial Consultancy ( has been able to save more than two thousand people in the Bangladeshi community in Toronto for 16 years by liberating them from debt. Nasrin Khan’s Debt Solutions and Financial Consultancy Company is a licensed debt management company. It focuses on bankruptcy proposals and money management. She also holds an Investment Fund Security license which enriched her knowledge in richer depth regarding the finance industry.
Her passion for contributing towards the South Asian immigrant community in Canada paved the way that assisted them in laying the foundation of Debt Solutions Financial Consultancy since 2003. Catering to the financial industry, her dedication let her keep a precise focus on debt management by analysing a client’s financial condition and based on that not only providing bankruptcy proposals but also giving them a 5-year plan to prevent them from repeating the same mistake which led them to bankruptcy in the first place. Ever since she stepped into the competitive market of financial consultancy, she is swollen with pride to have resolved almost 2000 clients’ cases by providing them an educational platform to help enrich their financial literacy. Instead of sticking to one approach, at Debt Solutions Financial Consultancy, her company gathers best possible expertise and brings something creative and progressive to offer to her clients. She also works hard with an aspiration to help solve the debt crisis for clients all over Ontario. While, keeping in focus on aiding the South Asian community to help them with tools through which they can reduce their debts.
It is evident that in such circumstances, delivering the best possible services requires clients to go to the extent that will provide them with extraordinary results, and this is what she does beautifully. She always tends to go an extra mile for her clients by personally assisting them and providing them with finest financial solutions. As for her plans, she aims to help the student body with their increasing loan debt consolidations that are endlessly piling up. The current generation proceeds their life with huge student loans responsibility on their shoulders. Nasrin Khan and her proper financial advocacy help these young generation’s stay out of debts by educating them in seminars.
Nasrin Khan and her first acquaintance came from Toronto’s largest Bengali fair, Samay Mela. She was the main financial backbone of the fair from 2006 to 2012. She came up with an innovative idea of increasing networking among the Bengali community in Toronto with help of an arranged fair which led to creation of countless business entities ongoing today. About 20,000 visited this fair every year. The Liberal, Conservative, and The NDP of all the political parties used to visit this fair on the first of July at Dentonia Park. Canadian NDP leader Jack Layton has approached Nasrin Khan several times to join Canadian mainstream politics. Later on, she also received a similar offer from the Canadian Federal Party. However, she felt more comfortable working for the economic development of the people than politics. In addition to the Samay Mela, Nasrin Khan’s company Debt Solution always provided the primary sponsor for the largest event Fobana. She has been the main sponsor of the Bangla Mela for about 13 years as well as she sponsored any big South Asian event that occurred in Toronto. Her dedication and hard work as a sponsor led her to achieve the honorary title of primary sponsor. She always tried her level best to strengthen networking in the community by providing financial support. She strictly follows the ethical business practice as her own as well as encourages the community to follow this practice as well.
Nasrin Khan came to Canada in 1993. She was a student of McGill University in Montreal, where she had studied on BSW. Later she studied computer communication and network engineering at Durham College. She worked efficiently in Verizon Network Solutions and Bell Canada. She also worked as an investment banker as her second career option at an investor group in National Bank.
Her husband Mainul Khan is one of the prominent business men in Canada. Her son Aurno Khan is working as a Health care Professional in Ontario review board, her daughter Bushra Khan is a Mental health Professional nurse working for Markham Stouffville hospital and also have a daughter-in-law Navila Rahman who is an MBA graduate and a licensed real estate agent currently helping out in her fathers-in-law’s real estate business.
Nasrin Khan is very well known for her passion in music. She has 4 music albums released by Gatani India g series TonaTuni. She also owns AAHELI TV channel. This channel is one of the most popular tv channel broadcasted from Toronto Canada and is made to focus specifically on NRBs worldwide. The word Aaheli means pure. This channel consists of detailed informative discussions with various experts on the issues of pure Bengali culture as well as various toxic inconsistencies in the society. The channel focuses exclusively on Humanity, Mankind and Community Development.
Nasrin Khan’s mission and vision are to establish ethical business practices and maintain the standards of the Global Market Place. As an insolvency practitioner she is experienced in dealing with severe matters of debt of others and understands the underlying reasons behind the bankruptcy of small, and large businesses. She has over 2000 clients. She helps to save their homes, cars, RRSP, RESP, Stocks, Bonds, and small and medium businesses. She is an experienced, business-oriented individual. Her vision is to share the lessons she has learned in Commerce, International Business and lay down a path for future Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to connect their businesses with the global marketplace. Nasrin Khan has travelled around the world, but in each journey, she has revealed one important awareness that enlightened her philosophy. She has always been a pillar of support in the community, and her contributions to the Bengali Community of Toronto requires no explanation, as these actions speak for themselves. Nasrin would like to build a strong business network that means to bridge the gap between Canada and Bangladesh by establishing trade and network opportunities.


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