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Nargis Ahmed, the founder of Bangladesh American Public Affairs Front (BAPAF)

Nargis Ahmed
Community Activist
Bangladesh Society NY inc (2007-2008)
Convener, FOBANA 2019

Nargis Ahmed, a Bangladeshi-American from New York, is one of those personalities who have brightened the image of Bangladesh through their intelligence and works. She is a shining star in the Bangladeshi community and immigrant community in the USA.
The talented woman was born at Hajiganj in Comilla, Bangladesh. She was elected the President of Bangladesh Society, an umbrella organization of Bangladesh community in the USA for the year 2006-2007. She was the first and only woman to have the privilege of being president.

Nargis Ahmed was admitted to Dhaka University after passing SSC from Azimpur Girls High School and HSC from Eden College. But, she moved to the USA in 1981 due to her marriage with pharmacist Mushtaq Ahmed. She has studied travel and tourism there and found the ladder to make her financially established. She has been a full time travel agent and supporter for more than 24 years as a manager at Juris World, a world-renowned travel agency.

Nargis Ahmed has consolidated her position as news presenter in 1996 at Ruposhi Bangla, the first Bangla TV outside Bangladesh. She took part in theater in 1987 as a woman in the American Bangladeshi community. Dil Afroz Ahmed known in the Bengali community as Nargis Ahmed, is a unique figure in the Bangladeshi communities all over USA. She has been able to highlight a positive image of Bangladesh through her important role in social services and mainstream American politics besides her professional life for 36 years. She has been a member of the Queens Community Board for more than 15 consecutive years.
Since 1988, she has been involved in the mainstream politics. In 1991, she took an initiative to involve Bangladeshis in the US mainstream politics by establishing Bangladesh American Public Affairs Front (BAPAF), which has given many Bangladeshis access to politics. Her role in establishing the rights of the Bangladeshi community and immigrants is unforgettable. She also played a role as fundraiser for Bill Clinton in the election.
In 1988, she founded Bangladesh Sangsad with 11 members for the development of Bangladeshi community. The sangsad provides English education for the elderly and American Customs Manners and Ethics training for the elderly, employment for new immigrants, free medical care, assistance to OP-1 visa holders, teaching Bengali to the younger generation and attracting them to Bengali culture. The Men’s Guidance Club was opened on behalf of this sangsad. It teaches the do’s and don’ts of the USA life.
As the President of Bangladesh Society, she has taken a number of initiatives which are taking Bangladesh community ahead. She also arranged English learning program for adults, good Bangla learning for children and computer training for youth. She also raised funds from rich people there and helping the victims and helpless people in the country at different times. She took initiatives to create awareness among the people which is appreciated largely in the community.

Good looking Nargis Ahmed served as Executive Secretary of Fobana for 3 years in 2001. She has been working for the development of various cultural activities including Bengali music and theater through cultural organizations. Under her leadership, ‘Drama Circle’ was established in 1995. She is the founding president of this organization. She is also one of the initiators of the recent celebration of Falgun along with the celebration of Bengali New Year. She was the first to initiate this festival on 1st Baishakh by introducing panta hilsa and colorful sarees in earthenware pots.
Nargis Ahmed is a famous politician who is close to Bangladeshi immigrants. She has been a co-chairman of the voter registration committee of Asian American Democratic Association of Queens. She is a member of the New York Democratic Party’s South Asia Pacific community board for the past 15 years. She is a female member of the South Asian Ocean Region.
She has made a huge contribution in the field of social service. Currently, Nargis serves the community as the Director of Desi Senior Center. The Desi Senior Center has set up Jamaica Muslim Center in 2014. She has a great contribution in establishing the Senior Citizen Recreation Center in Jamaica. She is the program director of the center. She was elected Secretary General of the Advisory Council of Al Mamur Islam School in New York in 2014. Nargis Ahmed is unique as a ‘trend center’ in the Bengali community. She has received many recognitions and awards for her achievements. She has been awarded with Asian American & Pacific Islander Hero Award including Best Asian American by Congressional Proclamation City Comptroller most recently.
She is a shining example of women’s empowerment in the USA. Her husband Mushtaq Ahmed, is a pharmacist by profession. This proud lady has a happy family with two daughters- Munira Ahmed and Kaynath Ahmed. 3


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Nargis Ahmed, the founder of Bangladesh American Public Affairs Front (BAPAF)

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