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Nafisa Kamal
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Nafisa Kamal is a well-known sports organizer of the time, whose name is pronounced not only in sports but also in the face of common people. Nafisa Kamal, a hardworking talent, is the initiator and chairman of Cumilla Victorian, a franchise cricket team in the world cricket arena. She is the first woman organizer in the history of Bangladesh cricket. Nafisa Kamal is a pride to the youth who is the Director of the Lotus Kamal Group, a top service provider in Bangladesh. She is also the Managing Director of Lotus Kamal Properties Limited.
Her father, AHM Mustafa Kamal is the founder and chairman of the Lotus Group and her mother is a director of the Kashmiri Kamal Group. Her father is popular as a prominent politician. He has been elected as a Member of Parliament for several times and was the Planning Minister before becoming the Finance Minister. He is one of those who have been making special contribution to the development of Bangladesh. Nafisa Kamal, a self-confident and hardworking justice, was also quite talented as a student. She passed O level and A level from EDEXCEL. She later graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Nafisa Kamal has been a fan of sports since her childhood. AHM Mustafa Kamal, the finance minister of the present government and a prominent industrialist, is himself a sports organizer. He is a former president of the BCB and the International Cricket Council. Nafisa Kamal, who normally follows her father’s blood, has been attracted to sports, especially cricket. With her father, she has had the opportunity to enjoy a lot of cricket at home and abroad. As the President of the ICC, AHM Mustafa Kamal has traveled to many countries around the world to watch the game with Nafisa Kamal. In other words, her father Mustafa Kamal was the inspiration behind becoming the owner and proprietor of a famous cricket team ‘Cumilla Victorian’. Nafisa Kamal is an enterprising, self-confident person. She is enthusiastic about challenging work.
Nafisa Kamal was the first joint organizer of Sylhet Royals. Later in 2016, she started a movement to build Cumilla Stadium and she succeeded in it. This accomplished child of Cumilla thinks that Cumilla Stadium and Cumilla Victorian have taken Cumilla to a higher position. She thinks, Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), a professional cricket league, is international standard. She put emphasis on the need to ensure that players receive a decent salary within a specified period of time. Tamim Iqbal was associated with Cumilla Victorian in 2019 and Cumilla Victorian became champion in that year under Tamim’s leadership.
Nafisa Kamal is a very smart-minded and society changer. In fact, she is a shaper of the new trend out of the conventional trend. This has made her possible to provide overall leadership to a popular cricket franchise. Although her father is an enterprising politician but he is sincere enough towards sports. She was inspired by her father’s personality which has made him a great hero of this contribution. Many in Bangladesh never think that a young woman could make such incredible cricket team and take it to the top level.
Nafisa Kamal believes that we should have only dreams for our sports but also take initiatives to make dreams into reality. According to her, school cricket should be prioritized more. She is quite optimistic about the women’s cricket team. She thinks that Bangladesh Women’s Cricket team can win the World Cup if they get the necessary training and cooperation.
Nafisa Kamal, an energetic and young female, is involved with many other businesses including the garment sector of Lotus Kamal Group. She is confident that if the players are provided with necessary assistance and advanced training, one day they will be able to take Bangladesh to the top position in world sports.

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