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Home Biography “My dream is to establish Bangladeshi Americans in US mainstream society”

“My dream is to establish Bangladeshi Americans in US mainstream society”

Fakrul Islam Delwar
Bangladesh American Political Action Committee (BAPAC) &
Jamaica Bangladesh Friends Society

There are many selfless people in the world, who not only work for themselves but also for the betterment of the society and state. Members of Bangladeshi community in the USA do so. For the development of this community, some people work relentlessly. Of them, Fakrul Islam Delwar is a devoted soul who leads to take Bangladesh community ahead.
Fakrul Islam Delwar was born on December 30,…. in a respectable educated family at Beanibazar in Sylhet. He was meritorious from his childhood. He had a keen interest in working for people. In 1986, he got admitted in sixth grade to Public School in Jamaica. He is always smiling, self-confident and friendly. He used to observe Language Day, Independence Day and Victory Day. He became popular within in a short time. The name of this youth spread everywhere in the community. He happily lived in Jamaica with his friends. He is very much attracted to heavy shades of plants at Caption Hilly Park. He finds similarity between the green environment and his roots. Hillside Avenue attracts him very much which is down to Highland Avenue.
After completing his graduation from Jamaica High School, Fakrul Islam Delwar got admitted to Queens Borough Community College. He received higher degree from there. At that time, he realized that immigrants are not safe in abroad. They had to face many unwanted incidents in streets particularly after the Isha prayers, the devotees felt fear while returning from Jamaica Muslim Center. There were news about crimes at different places there. Many people felt worried. With a view to helping people, he along with his peers established Jamaica Friends Club. This organization will for young generation to arrange get-together particularly for those who have newly started to reside in Jamaica. Under his organizational skills, the club has become very popular to the young people and Bangladesh American living in Jamaica started to regard this organization of their own. Currently, Fakrul Islam Delwar is the president of this organization.
In fact, Fakrul Islam Delwar’s attention is only about Bangladesh community. He always tries to help if someone faces any problem there. By dint of his enthusiastic leadership, he has been elected the president of Bangladesh American Political Action Committee (BAPAC). He has also got an opportunity to lead Beanibazar Samity. Because of his organizing skills, he isn’t only popular to the people of his locality but also to Bangladesh community.
Fakrul Islam Delwar is a devoted organizer. The people of Bangladesh community give him importance. As a result, Elisia Hindman gave importance to some Bangladeshi community including Fakrul Islam Delwar before Congress Membership and Queens Borough President election. During the election campaign, he never wanted something for himself but the community. He always underscores to empower the community. He believes, if the strength of the community is increased, all the people of the community will be befitted. During the election campaign, he directly asks the candidates that if you solve our problems in the community, we will work for you. This is the leading quality of him. He never shows egotism. His thinking is only about the welfare of the community and its people.
Hailing from Beanibazar of Bangladesh, Fakrul Islam Delwar has been residing in New York since 1992. He didn’t confine himself not only establishing his dream but also work for the development of living standard of the community people. He is now working to take community people to the USA mainstream society. Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and councilman Borey Lansman thanked Fakrul Islam Delwar for his contribution to the community. Melinda Katz also appointed him as a member of community board- 8. Now, if anyone wants to contest election, he or she will need his (Delwar) support. His dream is to establish Bangladeshi American in US mainstream society.
Fakrul Islam Delwar is humble and friendly in nature. His wife Farida Yeasmin is his inspiration. The couple is blessed with four sons. His father is very popular as a businessman and social worker at Beanibazar. In the context, he says, he has got the inspiration from his father. Because of his sincerity to social works and people, he has able to become as an acceptable leader in the Bangladeshi community.


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