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Musleh Ahmed
Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort

Musleh Uddin Ahmed is a Bangladeshi origin British citizen. He is an accomplished son of Sylhet, a city enriched with infinite beauty. Musleh Ahmed grew up and studied in London and received his BA degree in Marketing from London Metropolitan University in 1998.
This young entrepreneur sees the tourism potential of motherland Bangladesh with a different perspective. He chose the tourism industry as a potential field for investment and has proudly established The Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort, a 5 star hotel, near the door of The Dhaka Airport. Dedicatedly, Ahmed is acting as Chairman of The Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort since 2005. Probably, he could see the light at the end of the tunnel and formed an Institute named as The Dhaka Regency Hospitality Institute. As a non-resident Bangladeshi, Ahmed has received the ‘Best NRB Investor’ award from the British Prime Minister David Cameron.
In the very beginning of his carrier, Musleh Ahmed worked in the financial sectors, as banker. After that he spent a colorful 10-year career as business advisor for e-generation. Founding of The BRAC-Aarong in the UK market, this dreamy entrepreneur with innovative potential has been able to find new horizons.
He made his debut as a BRAC-Aarong Project Entrepreneur in 2000. Two years after taking over the dealership in Aarong, he met BRAC Chairman Fazle Hasan Abed. Fazle Hasan Abed became very pleased and personally wanted to know how he was able to succeed in the Aarong project. Musleh Ahmed explained, he had a fancy idea of strategic products, different markets and branding and campaigns, using perfect visionary planning and successful implementation strategies; As a result, he has succeeded. As a non-resident Bangladeshi with business acumen and wisdom, Musleh Ahmed is committed to contribute dedication to the country’s economy.
The entrepreneur expects the involvement of the young generation in this industry. According to him, the tourism industry is a transit way that boosts increasing country economy.
After graduating in marketing from London Metropolitan University, He joined a private bank and started his career. But, he felt the urge to be an entrepreneur inside him. From then on, he continued to keep this in his mind. He fervently wanted to do something for his country.
After starting business with BRAC-Aarong in 2000, he basically established a deep relation with Bangladesh. At that time, he had to go to Bangladesh 3/4 times a year. He had to travel to different districts. After taking over BRAC’s dealership, he designed exclusive products for new markets with his own ideas. Then he visited many places inside the country with samples from Aarong. He visited Manikganj, Rangpur and many other districts which are so far from the capital. At that time, he was fascinated to see the rural women of Bangladesh. He has closely observed their interest, enthusiasm and creativity. Ahmed physically observed their stitching, enhancing the design. He was overwhelmed by it. He has only created overseas markets for products with his business foresight and wisdom. Now BRAC is exporting a good quantity of products and bringing a lot of foreign exchange for the country. Now, BRAC becomes a very prominent industry with huge facilities. In fact, BRAC is a great model as well.
Musleh Ahmed has deeply realized the potential of Bangladesh’s Tourism sector through various means. Not only Ahmed but also many of Bangladeshi expatriates views the tourism potential of this country with intrigue. They are interested to invest here. But there are some obstacles to develop this tourism industry. Such as: no suitable plan and strategy has been developed for branding and promoting the products. Bangladesh had not been symbolized enough yet. Dhaka, the gateway of Bangladesh, has not been developed yet as a traffic-free city.
Ahmed has visited the tourist spots of this country and observed the archeological and archeological monuments of the country including Tanguar Haor, Ratargul, Sundarbans, Nilgiri, Mainamati. In the development of this industry, special attention should be paid considering the mentality, thoughts and tastes of the tourists. It is important to research which has not been started even today. There are some problems in transportation, accommodation and infrastructure of tourists.
When Ahmed started the Dhaka Regency project, he did not raise capital from known sources but depended on a bank loan. He made the final decision later. Since the expatriate Bangladeshis are realizing their potential in the tourism sector, capital and directors have been appointed from their own and they have succeeded. Recently, Dhaka Regency has celebrated 10 years. They have established Dhaka Regency Hospitality Institute for the development of hospitality industry in Bangladesh. By studying here, the students are able to join the hotel industry at home and abroad and can earn money. Thus, they are going ahead.
The last thing is that we all should create a tourist-friendly environment together. Bangladesh has not been able to do this yet; However, Ahmed hopes that the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the visionary leader, will realize the responsibility of building tourism to build Sonar Bangla. Bangladesh has come out of the low-income circle by exporting manpower and goods and hopes that the visionary people will go ahead with a plan and strategy.
Expatriate Bangladeshis are interested investing here. Now, it is the time for the government, ministries and departments concerned to sit with them and explore how to take the tourism industry forward in a concerted effort. We also need to realize that the tourism industry is important for Bangladesh in achieving the goals of Vision 2021.

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