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Muhammad Kader, A Diversifying Multi Talented Entrepreneur

Muhammad Kader
Kashif Apparel Industry Ltd.

After completing education, many youths don’t run after job rather they offer job to others as entrepreneur. Muhammad Kader is one of them. The talented entrepreneur is the chairman of Kashif Apparel Industry and New Raja Plastic Industries Ltd, president of The York Tex Apparel and CEO of Communicate Technology LLC.
Muhammad Kader has proved that if a youth wants to do something with sincerity, he or she can surely achieve his or her goal. After completing his education, Kader took steps to start a business. With this aim, he started his journey and has established 100% export-oriented garment industry Kashif Apparel Industry Ltd. and New Raja Plastic Industries Ltd. at Muhammadpur in Dhaka. He is the entrepreneur of these two firms and is serving as chairman. He has also established The York Tex Apparel Inc. in the USA and is the president of this company. At the same time, he has founded a notable company Communicate Technology LLC. He is the CEO of this technology firm.

The educated and meritorious youth Muhammad Kader is expert in English, Hindi, Urdu, Malay and Arabic besides Bangla. He doesn’t restrict himself within his business activities. He is an acumen entrepreneur and also known as consultant. He used to give consultations and assistances to those people who want to become entrepreneur.
A confident Muhammad Kader is one of the top leaders of America Bangladesh Business Alliance. He played an important role in the 11th business summit. This enterprising businessman opines, “Entering into US market as entrepreneur means establishing link-up with world business chain. It is used as key to success for many businesses. Regarding this, he says, the most effective way of entering to this market is to open a corporation in America by which the facility of least tax rate of the largest world market can be enjoyed. When you form a corporation, you will get assistance from expert people and institutions regarding many things including immigration, import, export, international tax, real estate and suppliers. Muhammad Kader is very benevolent and provides legal advices to entrepreneurs about- what kind of business will be preferable for you and how will you start a business; what kind of documents will require; what type of company can be run or which state can be run.
Muhammad Kader’s all the companies including Kashif Apparel Ltd. are operated through skilled operator of corporate management and auto machine. He opines, Bangladesh needs labor density entrepreneurship a lot by which the unemployment problem will be solved as well as country’s economy will be strengthened through increasing productivity. He says, Bangladesh is not only going to achieve self-sufficiency in food but also self-reliance economically. The foreign currency reserve has now been more than 35 billion. Bangladesh has now become a low middle-income country. The country will become a developed one soon. In fact, Muhammad Kader is a business mentor with infirmly master mind. He is also an e-commerce seller.

Muhammad Kader is a wall street based Young Entrepreneur with knowledge of Modern Technology. He is an Internationally Renowned Speaker on Leadership, Real Estate Investing, IT Startup, Franchisee set up, Pre IPO Investment, Entrepreneurship, and Finance. He has been investing in RMG & Plastic household Manufacturing, Multi-Family & Commercial real estate & IT Startup since 2006. His startups IT & E-commerce Company based in New York & Manufacturing unit based in Dhaka have been making a huge profit from 2010. His unique concept of ‘Income Producing Housing’ for real estate investor was featured on different International Print & Electronics media. For last several years, he has achieved success in both businesses. He is very cordial to his workers and employees. He believes, they are the heart of company. His business specialty is- he knows how to expand business. He also feels for others and tries to provide help new entrepreneurs. For this reason, he is very popular to other entrepreneurs.
He is a member of the different world-renowned organizations that enhanced his practical experience. He is a proud member of Asia Society, USPAACC, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, AMCHAM, ABBA, DCCI, BGMEA, BKMEA, BPGMA, ATAB, BASIS and SME Foundation.
His Concern in the USA are- KayLee Kader Holdings Inc., Communicate Technology LLC, The YorkTex Apparel Inc., North America Shipping & Logistics Inc., and in Bangladesh are- Kashif Apparel Industry Ltd., New Raja Plastic Industry Ltd., Pioneer Trading Corporation Ltd., Communicate Technology Dhaka Ltd. 3


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