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Bangladeshis Have Proved to be Industrious to Americans

Mr. Mir Chowdhury
Ex-Chairperson of
FOBANA Executive Committee

Mir Chowdhury is the former Chairperson of FOBANA which works for Bangladeshi immigrants worldwide. He was born in Chattogram. At present, he is an enlightened citizen and organizer of New Jersey in America. He was elected Chairperson of FOBANA’s Executive Committee from New Jersey for the year 2018-2019. It is mentionable that the journey of FOBANA, an important social and cultural organization of Bangladeshi immigrants, was started in 1986 from New Jersey. Mr. Mir Chowdhury started his career in America as a Bank Executive. His career was not only aimed at establish but also worked for the development of the Bangladesh community from the beginning. He was elected General Secretary of Bangladesh Society New Jersey (BSNJ) in 1933. His leadership was attracted by all and he served as the Member Secretary post during the 8th FOBABA Convention held in New Jersey in 1994. He was the Founding General Secretary of Bangladesh Association of New Jersey established in 1995. He performed duties as President of this organization for the year 2000-2001. He was reelected as president of FOBANA in 2021-2022. As a devoted organizer for Bangladeshi community, Mr. Mir Chwodhury has also been playing an important role in America. He was elected Chairperson of FOBANA Executive Committee in 2007 for the year 2007-2008. He acted as Convener in the 25th FOBANA Convention held in New Jersey in 2011.

Mr. Mir Chowdhury, featured organizer of the time, was the Chairperson of Unification Standing Committee for the year 2013-2014. Under his skillful leadership, there was seen a successful unification in Houston in 2013. It is regarded as ‘Houston Accord’ in the history of the 32nd FOBANA. He took part in the 31st FOBANA Convention with his family. He was elected Chairperson of the 32nd FOBANA Convention in 2018 for the second time.
Mr. Mir Chowdhury was born in an educated and aristocratic family of Chattogram. He passed SSC exam with distinction from Nasirabad Govt. High School. He acquired BA and MA degree from Chottogram University Later, he came to America for the purpose of receiving higher education. He took higher degree from William Paterson University there. He is professionally a Senior Financial Accountant and is now working as Tax Adviser.
By profession he was a Senior Financial Accountant and currently a Tax Advisor. He is Married to Jinnat Chowdhury a professional Banking Executive, they are proud parent of two young physicians in USA .
An intimate friend to Bangladeshi community, Mr. Mir Chowdhury opines that Bangladeshi immigrants have been playing a vital role for the development of Bangladesh. He says, “Every Bangladeshi in abroad is an ambassador of Bangladesh”. He thinks that the image of the country has been uplifted as the immigrants Bangladeshis having made developed themselves.

Mr. Mir Chowdhury, a self-assured and determined person, spends most of his leisure time for the welfare of people. He is a enlightened dreamer who dreams that one day Bangladesh will be one of the leading in the world overcoming challenges and problems. He says that it is necessary to establish rule of law and basic rights of the people in the light of the spirit of Liberation War. He further says that Bangalees are very industrious and success can be achieved through hard-work. He urges the authority concerned to take effective measures to stop corruption in the country.3


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