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Mostafizur Rahman
SB Group

According to Mostafizur Rahman“Business is a matter of good conscience and hard labor”.He is a young businessman, born on 26 November of 1992 in Khulna in a prominent Muslim family. His passion drove him to the path of business in Bangladesh with an even greater devotion unlike many others. He grew up in Dhaka, in Dhanmondi and Gulshan to be specific. From his early life, under his father’s supervision, he had become an eager learner in the business sector. His father taught him all the pros and cons of the family business with an empirical approach. He had spent his childhood and higher secondary in the Bashundhara International School Dhaka. His major was Business Studies from the very early education. He later moved to New York for higher studies and to attain skill. He has completed his graduation from St. John’s University in 2016 in Business Management. After that, he came back to Bangladesh and took part in his father’s business directly. He has attended important business trips, visited factories, hosted business seminars and conferences after coming back home. Those are the empirical steps he has taken to develop his understanding and hone his skills in business with the direct help of his father. His father,Hafizur Rahman Babu, is a business conglomerate who is carrying his business since 1987 in Bangladesh. The SB Group is a prominent business identity in TradingReal Estate, Import and various other sectors in Bangladesh today.They are one of the largest Fertilizer,Wheat &Coal importers in Bangladesh. Hafizur Rahman Babu is the Chairman of SB group, The sister concerns of this Group are Sheikh Brothers Ltd;Joytun Developers Ltd; Sheikh Agro Food Industries Ltd;Joytun Securities International Ltd; Sheikh Cement Mills Ltd; Sheikh Shipping Lines Ltd; Arising Trade International Ltd.; Sun Shining Ltd; Venus Trade International Ltd; Joytun Auto Rice & Dal Mills Ltd;Sheikh Shipyard Ltd; Sharp Agro Crop Ltd; A very selective person in personal and business life Hafizur Rahman Babu has a great contribution as the father and pioneer in Mostafizur Rahman’s life.
Mostafizur Rahman is currently taking huge responsibility as Chairman of Sheikh Shipyard Ltd. He is also the Managing Director of Sharp Agro Crop Ltd. He is also undertaking responsibilities as the director of SB Group, Joytun Developer Ltd., Sheikh Shipping Lines Ltd., Joytun Auto Rice & Dal Mills Ltd., Sheikh Cement Mills Ltd., Joytun Securities International Ltd., Joytun Asset Management Ltd., Arising Trade International Ltd. and Assurance Asset Management Ltd. Mustafizur Rahman has a very unique nature of understanding things and chalenges with patience and care. Whenever any issue arises in the way he tries to solve it in a very sustainable process. He has a long-term visionary approach towards business. He opines, we should keep our currency within the country andcompanies should use their own vessels to reduce the cost of the trade which increases twice otherwise. Mostafizur has already solved this problem in his business and is also hopeful about eradicating this problem from Bangladesh through practical development by acquiring more vessels. Sheikh Brothers Ltd. is a worldwide renowned company for import business. They have already acquired 17 inland vessels&12 units are under build up. They are serving a greater purpose in the import business of Bangladesh.
Mostafizur Rahman answered a very important question regarding his business expansion plan asked by Business America Magazine during this interview. He wisely replied, “Sheikh Brothers have a lot to explore which is true. But we are very selective in nature. Currently we are working on expanding the business into FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector. We are going to invest in Sugar & Edible Oil Industry very soon. There is a lot to do in Bangladesh in this arena.” Joytun DevelopersLimited is a business entity which is working with three basic goals to be fulfilled in the Real Estate business. These goals are Home Security for the Middle Class, Sustainable Construction and the aesthetics of construction.
Mostafizur Rahman is a kind person to the helpless like his father. He is a member of Gulshan Club Ltd. His hobbies are travelling, reading books and watching movies. He has a greater passion for business in comparison with many others of his age.


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