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Government Should Be Stricter to Keep Bangladesh Free From Corruption

Mostafa Kamal Mahmud
Bangladesh Association of Georgia, USA


Mostafa Kamal Mahmud is a Bangladeshi-American enlightened young man who lives in America and cherishes Bangladesh in his heart. The two eyes of Mostafa Kamal Mahmud- one is Atlanta and another Bangladesh. He is the President of Bangladesh Association of Georgia.
Prominent Georgian entrepreneur Mostafa Kamal Mahmoud is the CEO of Atlanta Citiend Limo LLC and Co-Chairman of NY Enterprise International LLC.
Mostafa Kamal Mahmud, a self-confident businessman, was born in an educated aristocratic family in Maijdi Court of Noakhali district in Bangladesh. His father’s name is Mohammad Ali and mother Masuma Khatun. Mostafa Kamal Mahmud, who was intelligent from his childhood, was always talented as a student. He completed his graduation from Noakhali University College in 2000 with honors in Accounting. In 2000, he came to America, the dream country, in order to received higher education.
Coming to America, Mostafa Kamal Mahmud, a talented and hard-working businessman, didn’t only think about his own issues, but also various possibilities including solving the problems of the Bangladesh community. That is why he is involved in various activities of the Bangladesh community. Bangladeshis here have elected him president of the Bangladesh Association of Georgia because of his organizational skills and compassionate attitude towards the community. As President of this organization, he has been playing an uncompromising role in the interests of the Bangladesh community. He was not associated with any political party. He clearly says, I am a businessman from Atlanta, Georgia. I love Atlanta. At the same time, I love my Bangladesh deeply.
As a highly educated businessman, he also prioritized ethics in business. He thinks that it is possible to serve the common people through business. He has lived in Hotlanta City, Atlanta since 2000.
Nahid Yasmeen, wife of Mostafa Kamal Mahmud, is also a development partner of Bangladesh community. The couple is a proud mother of three children- two sons Muntakim Mahmud Zeenan and Abrar Mahmud Innan and a daughter Isra Mahmud Almira.
Mostafa Kamal Mahmud himself is a compassionate man, so he is raising his children in the same way. Mostafa Kamal Mahmud, a businessman with a non-political personality, says, “There is a political divide among many of us who are in exile. It is true, but in the interest of Bangladesh and the local Bangladesh community, everyone is one.” There is no division here. He says, “Bangladesh is our motherland. No matter where we live, our future descendants who are born abroad should also cultivate in them the cultural atmosphere that respects the birthplace of their ancestors.” To this end, they celebrate Language Martyrs’ Day, Independence and Victory Day and other days including Pahela Baishakh through the Bangladesh Association of Georgia.
Mostafa Kamal Mahmud thinks that the earnings sent by the expatriates to country in the form of remittances are contributing a lot to today’s economy. He says, any misuse of this valuable remittance must be prevented. He says, when I see in the newspapers that a group of government officials is going abroad at the cost of millions taka in the name of receiving training on how to excavate ponds, I feel really apprehensive. He added that the government should be stricter to keep Bangladesh free from corruption. According to him, the spirit of the liberation war was a democratic and peaceful Bangladesh with good governance where won’t have place for communalism. The government has to work responsibly to establish this.


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