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Bangladesh is a Unique Country in Terms of Tradition

Monir Choudhury
Honorary Consul of Bangladesh,
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Monir Choudhury, a talented son of Bangladesh, is now a Bangladeshi American. He is performing the duties of Honorary Consul of Bangladesh, Chicago, USA by dint of his talent, skill and hard work. He was born in 1952, the year of the language movement, in an aristocratic family in Sylhet. He went to Dhaka and Chittagong for higher education. He obtained a diploma degree in agriculture from Dhaka in 1968 and a bachelor’s degree from Chittagong University in 1964. Monir Choudhury, an educationist, completed a course on extension and management training programs from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom in 1988.
Monir Choudhury, who was politically aware from an early age, took part in the anti-government movement at different times during his student life. He jumped into the movement as a BCL leader at the time of the mass uprising of 1969. He played an important role in the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. His family had a tradition and culture to take part in the welfare of the people. These qualities also motivate him to work for justice from an early age. As a result, he set out to build himself up in this way. Just as he was a novice in the service of the people in the country, he has been working in the same way abroad.

This luminary of the time has been living in the United States for more than 32 years. He holds Bangladesh in his heart at every moment. As a result, he worked with deep passion for the development of the Bangladeshi community in America. His experience as an agriculturist is quite rich. He has served as the SDO and District Superintendent under the Ministry of Agriculture for more than 12 years. He has also served as a Asian Advisory Council Member of Sectary of State of Illinois. He has performed his duties properly and still continues to do so.
This developmental expatriate personality of Bangladesh is deeply involved with the Bangladesh community all the time. He has served as President of the Bangladesh Association of Greater Chicagoland (BAGC) for twice. He took several steps to take the Bangladesh community forward in the field of education and culture. He has been working to give an opportunity to the new generation of Bangladeshi Americans to know the history and heritage of their motherland, the culture of independent Bangladesh acquired through the war of liberation, the spirit of liberation war by observing Ekushey February, Independence Day, Victory Day and Pahela Baishakh there.

Bangladeshi Americans are being given the opportunity to learn about the history and heritage of their motherland. He thinks, Bangladesh is a unique country in terms of tradition. This country has a lot of potential and has an enriched ancient tradition. He is also instrumental in teaching immigration rules to newcomers. Two roads in Chicago have been named Sheikh Mujib Way and FR Khan Way through initiatives taken by the Bangladesh Community. He has also played a special role naming these streets. Bangladesh Day Parade has been held in Chicago since 1997 on his initiative.
Monir Choudhury has established an institution in Kulaura of Moulvibazar district to spread education in Bangladesh. He has received the Asian American Coalition Award from Chicago and an award from the Secretary of State of Illinois for Community Services.
Monir Choudhury, a believer in the spirit of liberation war, thinks that we were able to gain independence because we had a brave leader like Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He says, the people of Bangladesh, wherever they are, should be proactive in building Bangabandhu’s Sonar Bangla and the present government of the country should cooperate in every possible way.


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