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Monika Nazneen Islam
Jamuna Group

Being the daughter of the business maestro late Nurul Islam Babul and veteran politician Advocate Salma Islam MP, Monika Nazneen Islam was born with the leadership traits that enabled her to be the worthy successor of her parents. After completing her tech-based educational infrastructure from different parts of the world, she took up the role to follow through on her father’s footsteps. As the group director of Jamuna Group of Industries, she primarily became the brains and muscles behind both the successful venture Jamuna Future Park and Jamuna Electronics and Automobile Industries.
To maintain its competitiveness in today’s globalized modern market, she introduced the best technology along with machinery and expertise in Bangladesh. She developed and expanded its enterprises of multi-dimension for diversifying its product range. During a decade of operations, Jamuna Group expanded into a giant dynasty of 42 large scale enterprises. Bringing in her expertise from all around the world, she initiated the Group to venture into electrical, engineering, chemical, leather, garments and textiles- including spinning, knitting and dyeing, cosmetics, toiletries, beverages, real estate, housing, print and electronic media sectors. Jamuna Group has earned strong goodwill and reputation for its products and operation in both local and global market. It is imperative to point out that Jamuna Group has built up a new World of textile with the best technology and machinery imported from Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan, India, Italy etc. for producing the best quality products for the global market. Jamuna Group has diversified its business from manufacturing to media industry as well.
One of her biggest achievements includes pursuing the footsteps of her father, one of the most influential visionaries in the country into building Jamuna Builders Ltd. Jamuna Builders Ltd. otherwise known as the backbone of JGI was established to make an efficient construction streamline to achieve our group’s core objectives. Being pivotal to the vision of Md. Nurul Islam Babul in building Bangladesh into a superior sovereign nation, Jamuna Builders limited achieved milestones way ahead of its time. With the advent of modern construction techniques Jamuna Builders Ltd. rowed into the real estate scene in Bangladesh like a knife on a Pudding.
She headed the most senior engineering team currently present in the country and along with their expertise, she created some of the over the edge engineering magnificence. With the access to the highest level of construction equipments, her skilled workforce aligns their work prowess towards the sole core objective of building the nation to stand out globally.
The spotlight outshines the massive engineering by witnessing the biggest Shopping Mall & Commercial complex in the geographic region. Built on a total land space of 33 acres, this humongous facility comprised of a world class Shopping Mall, a top of the tier luxury Hotel range from J W Marriott, a fleet of 385 five Star luxury apartments’ Condos, an amusement park, a television station, a newspaper printing press and a self-generating power plant is showcasing the strength of Jamuna Group. Beside this complex, her team also boasts of massive constructions of industrial premises situated in different parts of the country.
But in the most recent times, her achievement rose from the shadows of her late father as Jamuna Future Park led its way into breaking multiple milestones in the country. Conveniently and superbly located in the blooming commercial hub of Baridhara and Airport Road point over one of the main artery of the Capital City. Her mall establishment is flanked by Dhaka’s prestigious business & diplomatic zone of Gulshan, Banani & Baridhara, just a 5 minutes drive to ZIA International Airport and a quarter km walking distances from the major Embassies & foreign offices. The shopping mall has witnessed fractions of millions of people on a daily basis during the festive times in Bangladesh. Monika Islam explained in a recent interview “With the advent of e-commerce, brick and mortar shopping malls have taken a large hit all around the world. But there are ways big malls are tackling these rising issues. We do have a massive integrated strategy aligning in due time to make our end goals meet. Some of the milestones have been achieved. Others we believe we surely will”. She was the brains behind launching the first Smart Shopping mall App in the country which included cutting edge technology such as 3D navigational system and automated loyalty system. Her acute focus of creating shopping into an experience has become the core objective of the multiple teams working behind Jamuna Future Park. Jamuna Future Park also recorded a huge milestone of hosting more than 200 events and activations in a span of 24 Months.
In a nutshell, Monika Nazneen Islam is one of the leading ladies in the Bangladeshi business scenario who has taken the responsibility of carrying the nation towards an iconic developed future.


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