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Taj International Trading & Construction Co. LLC, Working In The Oil And Gas Power Plant Sector In Oman

Mohd. Ashrafur Rahman (CIP)
Chairman (Investor)
Taj International Trading & Cont. LLC
Finance Director
NRB CIP Association

Engineer Mohammed Ashrafur Rahman is the Chairman (Investor) of Taj International Trading & Construction LLC. Rahman was born in 1978 at Raozan in Chattogram in an educated aristocratic family. His father’s name is Haji Mohammadur Rahman and mother Razia Begum. Haji Mohammadur Rahman came to Oman in 1975 for work and established himself as a businessman. He permanently settled there.
Talented Md. Ashrafur Rahman successfully passed SSC in 1995 from Pakistan School, Muscat, Oman. He was then admitted to M. S. Ramaia Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Mechanical Engineering from there in 1999. His father wanted Ashrafur Rahman to take charge of Taj International Trading & Construction Co. LLC. At the behest of his father, he took the charge of this company as chairman.
In a very short time, Engineer Ashrafur Rahman was able to take the business challenges into his own hands. Thus, he started his business life as an entrepreneur. He used to think deeply before doing anything. For this reason, he has got successes and enriched his business world.
Ashrafur Rahman has four brothers and two sisters. They all are well-established in their own field. One of his brother and sister are doctors. One brother is an engineer and resident of Canada. Other brother and one sister are established with post-graduate degrees.
Taj International Trading & Construction Co. LLC is an important company of oil and gas power plant sector in Oman. This company has earned a good reputation by getting big tenders in Oman and Dubai and completing the work properly within due period.
Self-confident and enterprising Ashrafur Rahman is a director of the board of directors of Bangladesh School, Muscat, Oman. He has been performing duties as a director for last 6 years nominated by the embassy. It is mentionable that out of eight directors, five are elected, two are members of the embassy and one is nominated by the embassy. The school has 4,000 students. There are more than 8 lakh Bangladeshi immigrants in Oman.
Ashrafur Rahman is a pious man and performed hajj in 2009. He got married in 2006. The name of his wife is Taslima Kabira Mili. The couple is blessed with 3 children. Their eldest daughter Afnan Rahman Doa is in 8th class in British school, the youngest daughter Afsheem Rahman is a class 3 student of the same school. Their only son Umair Rahman is three years old.
Skilled and experienced Engineer Ashrafur Rahman is well-known as a philanthropist and an organizer. He has been commercially successful for the past two years and has been honored by the government as an important remitter of Bangladesh. He is the Finance Director of NRB CIP Association. He is the Vice-President of Chattogram Samity of Oman and former Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Social Club, Oman.
Previously, if any expat worker wanted to change company, he or she needed a No-Objection-Certificate (NOC). Now, one can change a job from one company to another without an NOC. Engineer Ashrafur Rahman recently demanded the abolition of this practice in a talk show on Times of Oman.
CIP Ashrafur Rahman is a director of Chittagong Park View Hospital. During the coronavirus pandemic, he has provided financial and relief assistance to the needy and helpless people in his area. Internationally renowned entrepreneur Engineer Ashrafur Rahman says, “I am hopeful that Bangladesh will become a developed country in the near future.”


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