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Mohammed Younus From A Humble Beginning To CIP

Mohammed Younus
Younus Group

Mohammed Younus, Chairperson, Younus Group of Industries was declared CIP (Commercially Important Person) for three individual terms by the Government of Bangladesh. He hails from Tongibari, Munshiganj district formerly known as Bikrampur, an important business and transportation hub since ancient times, born to parents Abdus Sobhan and Rokeya Begum. He is their eldest child and was born in 1958.
Being a meritorious student since school life he wanted to realize his potential through trade instead of employment. He believes in creating opportunities for all through business activities. Born in Bikrampur, but raised in Dhaka. Younus swiftly opened up a start-up company right after he completed his education in the form of a cold storage business via a BSRS entrepreneur loan. From then on, it was no looking back for Younus. With a brilliant work ethic and values such as commitment, punctuality, courage, respect, responsibility, integrity and transparency he was determined to form a group of companies and make each one of them successful.
With an experience of 36 years as an industrialist he feels Bangladesh has a lot of untapped potential that needs to be utilised for Bangladesh to come out of the cycle of poverty.
He is affiliated to Kurmitola Golf Club, Gulshan Youth Club, Baridhara Cosmopolitan Club, SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Bangladesh Cold Storage Association.
Younus Group has established itself as one of the fastest thriving conglomerate in the industrial arena of Bangladesh. It all started from humble beginnings as a cold storage business in 1981. Since then, the business operating for 38 years now has transformed and expanded itself into a group through a plethora of various businesses in diverse sectors, hosting a set of industrial units situated on important industrial locations throughout the country.
Currently the group consists of paper mills, cold storages, plastic goods manufacturing companies, trading concerns, spinning mills and a potato flakes producing plant. The group has also involved itself in the environmental sector, mass media, education and social welfare which enable it to contribute to the Bangladeshi socio-economic development. “Commitment” & “Punctuality” are the two main qualities that Younus Group has built its principles on. The group believes that this was the driving force behind their successful journey of 38 years.
Mohammed Younus prefers to be one of the most committed business groups in Bangladesh as well as be a partner in the progress of this country’s rising economic avenue, and he firmly believes it is possible with his 38 years of extensive corporate journey. Younus has been awarded “DESH BANDHU CHITTARANJAN DAS” Gold Medal for Industrialization in our country and this medal was handed over by Honorable President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in the year of 1993. Due to Mr. Younus’s strong work ethics and affection for the country’s common development, he was awarded with being the CIP for three different terms as a sign of respect and admiration for the company’s prowess. It is a sign of great motivation as well.


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