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Mohammad Shahjahan Meah Bridging Bangladesh And Oman

Mohammed Shahjahan Meah CIP
Director, NRB Global Bank Ltd.
Vice President, NRB CIP Association.
Chairman, Rashad Industries Limited.

Mohammad Shahjahan Meah is a self-confident Bangladeshi entrepreneur, who has achieved the distinction of being well-established in the business arena of Oman, one of the countries in the Middle East. His business success has not only honored him, but also brightened the image of Bangladesh. He is the founder of ABROAD and co-founder of Rashad Industries (Garments) in Oman. This entrepreneurial businessman is the Founder Director of Global Islamic Bank Ltd, one of the fourth generation banks in Bangladesh.
Mohammad Shahjahan Meah was born on September 8, 1958 in an aristocratic business family in Gashchi village of Raozan upazila in Chittagong, Bangladesh. His father’s name is late Abdul Haq Matubbar and mother late Nafisa Begum. Mohammad Shahjahan Meah completed his SSC in 1973 from Gashchi High School at his village and his HSC degree in 1975 from Rangunia College. Then, he enrolled to the same college to pursue graduation. In 1977 he had graduated from Rangunia College. In that turbulent youthful moment, he saw millions of young people suffering from unemployment after finishing their studies in the country. His fear of unemployment made him migrate to Oman in 1978.
In Oman, he worked for two and a half years. This talented and agile young man thought that it would be possible to change his destiny by finding employment. But the destiny of a lot of people in the country and abroad can be changed if he could become an entrepreneur. It was with this thought in mind that young Mohammad Shahjahan set up an engineering workshop in 1981. Thus, he began his journey. Both his companies ABROAD and Rashad Industries (Garments) are involved in mainstream trade and commerce in Oman. He is involved in building construction, road construction and real estate business there.
Mohammad Shahjahan Meah, who is full of youthful vigor, has not only confined himself to the construction business, but has also devoted himself to the real estate business. He deeply believes that people can also benefit through business. Through him many expatriates especially Bangladeshis have been able to establish their own houses and flats in Oman.
The patriot Mohammad Shahjahan Meah, his wife Shajada Noor Begum and his brother’s family sent more remittance and were selected as ‘CIP’ by the Bangladesh government in 2016.
Mohammad Shahjahan Meah is closely associated with the banking and insurance sector in Bangladesh. He is the Founding Director of the country’s top Global Islamic Bank Ltd. He is the Alternative Director of Best Life Insurance Limited. His wife Mrs. Shajada Noor Begum is its director.
This entrepreneur businessman has also several businesses in Bangladesh. He is the Chairman of Rashad Industries (Garments), Director of H.N. Auto and Managing Director BestLife Insurance Ltd. He is the owner of a well-known CNG pump. He is also the Chairman of a luxurious resort in Chattogram. These initiatives have provided job opportunities for the local nationals. He is investing in Bangladesh out of deep patriotism and love for the people of the country.
Mohd Shahjahan not only has a business on Real Estates and constructions in Oman but has extended his business in Bangladesh. He is the owner of one of the luxurious Muscat holiday resorts in Cox’s Bazar and owns a well known CNG pump in Chittagong.
This enterprising industrial personality also thinks about the development of the country’s tourism industry. According to him if the beauty of our country can be presented to foreigners, it is possible to earn a lot of income through tourism. This requires creating safe and sound political ground for foreigners to feel safe. With this in mind, he has founded ‘Muscat Holiday Resort’ in Cox’s Bazar. It is one of the most important and safe resorts in the country. Mohammad Shahjahan Meah, a kind and humble man, is blessed with two daughters. Elder daughter is doing MBBS in Oman and Younger Daughter studying PhD Corporate Law in UK .
He has founded schools, mosque, madrasah, and orphanage in his locality in Bangladesh. He is the advisor of Chattogram Samity Oman, Former Convener Partner Committee, Member management committee, member project committee of Bangladesh School Muscat. He says Bangladesh is currently climbing the ladder of development and the expatriates have a great contribution behind this. The current government is also giving a lot of respect to the expatriates which inspires us, he says. He believes if corruption and irregularities are stopped in the country, Bangladesh would be able to gain the status of a developed country very soon.


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