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Mohammed Imran Iqbal

Mohammed Imran Iqbal
Managing Director
Premier Property Development Co. Ltd.
Director, Premier Group of Companies Ltd.

Mohammed Imran Iqbal is currently holding a top position in many significant business organizations due to his birth right. He comes from a well to do political family and is the Managing Director of Premier Property Development Company Limited and Additional Managing Director of Bentley Sweater Ltd. In addition to these he is also Director at Premier Group of Companies Ltd., Premier Hotel & Resort Ltd., Premier Hotel Management Company Ltd., Nawrin Electronics, Bukhara Restaurant Pvt. Ltd., ATAB Centre Ltd, GES Al-Khaliq Travels Ltd.
The high spirited Imran Iqbal has transformed into a skilled entrepreneur by dint of his intellect and know how. He is continuing to set his footprint in the housing development sector despite hurdles that he had to cross. According to Iqbal the housing development sector is not only playing a vital role in obtaining one of the basic rights of the people but also contributing to the economy. He says, the planned development that is taking place in Dhaka today is solely being contributed by the private sector. He proposes that the government should assist in all possible ways to strengthen the sector instead of creating more obstacles and for that a proper guideline is necessary. Imran Iqbal sadly observed that the government is faced with no resistance when they acquire a marshland or farmland for any project whereas whenever a private sector entrepreneur tries to take over the same land for any project they are opposed by the Environment Ministry as well as NGOs. He continued referring to this mentality as anti developmental because developers do not only work for themselves. ‘Developers build projects to create planned cities and help people find the right type of home,’ he said.
Imran Iqbal’s contribution to the Textile Industry is also immense. He has transformed into an efficient administrator through the difficult task of extracting the desired quality of work from employees as the additional Director of Bentley Sweater Ltd. by using innovative and challenging measures. According to Iqbal there is an ongoing international conspiracy against Bangladeshi textile industry. Many are involved in creating havoc within textile factories to shut them down. The potential of Bangladesh is visible to everyone now and therefore political parties must come to a common ground of agreement to take the country forward. He added that the government and opposition must adopt tolerant roles for the sake of the country and its economy. He opines that shutdowns and blockades are detrimental to the economy.
Imran Iqbal also thinks that the Tourism Industry too has a lot of potential and the Bangladesh Embassies abroad should play an important role in promoting tourism in Bangladesh.
Like father like son, Imran Iqbal is consistent and expert like his renowned father Dr. HBM Iqbal the well known entrepreneur and politician. Dr. Iqbal has travelled extensively on account of his work and works for the betterment of the people. It may be mentioned here that Dr HBM Iqbal is an ex MP and Chairman of Premier Bank Limited.


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