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“Every Production Sector is Equally Important, but Private Sector is Crucial”

Mohammed Emran
Chief Adviser
Bangladesh Association of Florida

Mohammed Emran, an enlightened business entrepreneur, is a top businessman of Florida in the United States of America. He is the proprietor of a several supermarket in Florida Palm Beach county besides some other business establishments. This well-known business personality Mohammed Emran was born on Feb 28, 1956 in a respectable, educated business family in Chittagong. His father (late) Alhaz Abu Taher. Meritorious since childhood obtained his SSC from Chittagong Rahmania High School in 1972 and HSC from Intermediate College (now renamed Government Mohsin College), Later he obtained BA (Hon,s) and MA in Economics from Chittagong University. He worked in some important organization here and got involved in Business in 1990.

He was associated with family business while in Bangladesh. His elder brother Mohammed Ferdous looks after their family garments industry ‘Farmin Group’. He is a member of BGMEA. Full of Initiative entrepreneur Emran’s wife Jahanara Begum is a housewife and a director on the board. Amongst their three sons and one daughter, One is Physician, One Engineer and the remaining studying. Mohammed Emran has been serving as President of Bangladesh Association, Florida during the last twenty years, now he is the Chief Advisor of the Association. He was active President of 31st FOBANA CONVENTION held at Florida. Hi is the Chief Advisor of North America’s biggest festival call ‘Asian Festival’. He was the one of the three builders/initiators of Masjid Baitul Mukarram Palm Beach County, Florida. Farsighted Handsome Entrepreneur Mohammed Emran though lives in Dreamland USA but his root stays in Bangladesh. He visits Bangladesh 3-4 times in a year. His communication with here is very strong. He is the President of Florida Awami League in Florida. He firmly believes that a government without the spirit of the great Liberation War, development can’t be achieved.

Mohammed Emran is deeply thinking about the welfare of his Motherland Bangladesh. He was once a strong Leader of Chhatra League and now a veteran leader. The then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had said ‘Bangladesh is a bottomless basket’ It is very natural Bangladesh went through a severe economic bottleneck after 23 years of Pakistan military misrule of economic explotation and war of 1971.
Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman started rebuilding the war-ravaged Bangladesh Now the country is heading towards gradual economic development. By this time Bangladesh has been upgraded in low middle income country from once hunger-fest, poverty stricken one under able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. By the grace of Almighty Allah Bangladesh will become a developed country within 20/25 years, and the world will be stunned at I can confidently say- Bangladesh has proved to be a land of future possibilities under the able leadership of incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
Every production sector is equally important, But private sector holds more crucial position. Our farmers through their relentless hard work have made Bangladesh hunger-free and poverty free. This country once used to go for foreign assistance, now has radical change Bangladesh is now capable of exporting food items. People’s per capita income has increased to US$ 2100 and now our foreign reserve is US$ 3200 billion. Income from A historical epoch has happened in the export earnings through Garments and Manpower. Or in other words Bangladesh in now a role model to the World in terms of overall development. Former US President Barak Obama advised different economically backward countries to follow example of Bangladesh for achieving development. The incentives of the Sheikh Hasina Government is widespread.
The country won freedom under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and under the able leadership of his daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina the country is getting momentum of development.
Political impasse is the big obstruction for the country’s entrepreneur. This entrepreneurs society had to sustain and develop despite strike, burning & loot and other destructive activities. Sheikh Hasina has been able to say ‘good bye’ to repeated Hartal. Once out of 365 days, almost 150 days of Hartal so country’s entrepreneurs could not go for production more than 100 days altogether including public holidays. Foreign Investors had negative impact about Bangladesh. So they lost interest to any further investment. Besides scarcity of electricity, gas and road communications network. But now much development achieved. This government has brought about a radical change in power sector, going to add a nuclear power plant at Rooppur, Pabna with Russian assistance. Now entrepreneurs do not want money but business opportunities from the government. He opined that if the government develop country’s infrastructure, the entrepreneurs will bring about development of business & trade simultaneously, As the government has increased power, but demand is also increasing. More entrepreneurs are coming up. So demand is also increasing for development of roads and highways needed. The incumbent government has achieved further in this regard a good number of flyovers 4-Lane, highway roads, Padma River Bridge construction with self-finance is invariably a successful example of development of Bangladesh. When the World Bank refused to assist Padma Bridge, Prime Minister with a rote of challenge said- Padma Bridge will be constructed Insha Allah which is visible. But power and gas sectors are lagging behind. I say, that the government would attain self-sufficiency in these sectors too.3


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