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Mohammed Emadur Rahman

Mohammed Emadur Rahman

Deputy Managing Director

Al Haramain Group of Industries

Mohammed Emadur Rahman is the Deputy Managing Director of Al Haramain Group of Industries, one of the largest perfumes company in the world. A dynamic businessman, he has been involved in business from a very young age, while simultaneously pursuing his education. Working during the day and studying at night, he had a hectic schedule but never shied away from taking on challenging responsibilities or making key decisions.

Later, he moved to the U.K., where he completed his M.B.A. and, at the same time, surveyed the U.K. and European market’s business potential. His attitude to challenge the norms and traditions of doing business, and his innovative ideas, has rapidly propelled him from the rank of sales promoter to the Group’s Deputy Managing Director. He has several certificates and accolades to his name, with the latest one being the Bangladesh Remittance Award in 2013. He was also the only Bangladeshi, and the youngest in the group, to receive the award of Young Business Achiever in Dubai, U.A.E.

Today, Mohammed Emadur Rahman is in the process of further expanding Al Haramain Group on an international level and forging the brand into a strategic global player. His management style has fostered a professional and structured company and his tenacity and work ethics are admired by many. He has been responsible for the implementation of international management systems and has successfully gotten Al Haramain certified with ISO, GMP and IFRA standards, with more to come.

He is currently structuring the company to meet the market demands of U.S.A., Europe and Asia Pacific, with a vision of having more than 20 operational offices worldwide by 2020. In order to support this objective, he is already planning and executing the expansion of the current 174,477 sq. ft. factory into a 350,000 sq. ft. infrastructure. Furthermore, he is in the process of acquiring several perfume industries in different parts of the world, with India, Indonesia, Europe and the U.S. on top of the list.


In addition to the Al Haramain Group, Mr. Mohammed Emadur Rahman is managing a diverse business portfolio that includes perfumes, tea, banking, rubber plantation education, healthcare, rubber plantation and capital market services. He says, “Al Haramain Group is committed ensuring quality services to its customers across the globe.” Being an ambitious and seasoned businessman, his latest enterprise was established a separate venture under the name of Rich & Ruitz. Started in 2012, the company is already operational in more than 30 countries.

Deputy Managing Director of Al Haramain Hospital Bangladesh, Managing Director of Hamidia Tea Company Limited Bangladesh, Director Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited Bangladesh, CEO of 4 Corners Distribution UK Limited United Kingdom and Shareholder of AIBL Capital Market Services Limited Bangladesh.

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