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I am optimistic, Bangladesh will surely go ahead

Mohammad R. Islam Mamun
President & CEO
Assurance Hospitality

Mohammad Rejaul Islam (Mamun) is an important business personality in America. He owns world famous chain hotel Marriott, Comfort Inn, Best Western Plus, Country Inn etc. Due to the vastness of trade and commerce, he has a strong communication means. He has earned a wide social status by dint of money and communication in the business arena which is really wonderful for a Bangladesh-born American.

He was very talented as a student from his childhood. He holds a bachelor degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) as a Silicon Valley Engineer. He was a politically conscious student leader who was elected the General Secretary of the BUET Chhatra Sangsad by the general student’s votes. The hotel business brought about a radical change in his fortunes.
Mohammad Rezaul Islam joined a company as a software engineer after completing his MS from the University of Nevada. After a short period of success as a professional, he first started a hotel business with two indigenous partners. He left his job in 2017 and engaged himself fully in the hotel business. In a short time, he was able to establish himself in the ownership and management of several hotels. Mamun has served as an Honorary Adviser to the Board of Directors of Giants Bank.

After moving to Utah, Mohammad Rezaul Islam involved himself with the Bangladeshi community in Salt Lake City. As a skilled organizer, he organized the Bangladesh Student Association in Salt Lake City. In Utah, one of the richest states in America, he has established himself as a skilled organizer among Bangladeshis. He established his firm ‘Assurance Hospitality’ through his own efforts and perseverance. It is located next to UTAH Salt City. The current portfolio value of his business ranges from US 60 million to US 80 million. From a review of his business development and extension, it is suggested that the value of its business portfolio will soon exceed US 100 million. This is a real joy for a Bangladeshi American businessman.
Visionary business personality Mohammad Rejaul Islam has made big investments in Silvally, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Texas. He is closely associated with the local government of Salt Lake City. As a result, he got a lot of installation work through the local government and did it efficiently. Bangladeshi American Mohammad Rejaul Islam always thinks that the reputation of Bangladesh and Bengalis is involved in his work. He always bears this in mind while working. That is why he never compromises with the quality of work.
He maintains good relations with the high level political leaders of Bangladesh. He thinks that politicians run the country. According to him, there will be good and bad among politicians as well. However, the country is moving forward under the leadership of those who are enterprising and patriotic. He has always had a positive attitude towards the development of Bangladesh because he is an optimistic person.
Mohammad Rejaul Islam, a development thinker, opines that a few people in Bangladesh are destroying the country’s good achievements and potential through corruption. They need to be identified and stern actions must be taken against them. Mohammad Rejaul Islam, owner of Assurance Hospitality, says about his initiative. He says “We have made this investment for our clients so that they can have the opportunity to stay in the elite. For this, maximum supervision is maintained because we want to maintain long-term relationship with our clients. “We save our community to build a better future,” he says. He adds that the service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the importance of the clients. In this case, there is no barrier of rain or heavy sun.
Mohammad Rejaul Islam, a talented and self-confident man, believes that success comes from proper planning and hard work and that is his business commitment. All clients deserve good behavior, service, respect and a smile. He puts emphasis on importance to providing services to his concerned employees in this way.
Mohammad Rejaul Islam is very optimistic about Bangladesh. He believes that Bangladeshis are very hard-working. Success must be achieved. Although he lives in America, he cannot forget his motherland for a single moment. He has a great affection for his country. He comes to the country as soon as he gets time. He used to dedicate himself to social welfare work. He is also deeply involved with the Bangladesh community in the United States. He takes part in all the events of the Bangladesh community.3


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