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A Global Technology Management Specialist

Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman
Amazon Web Services

Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman is a Bangladeshi-born US citizen who is a creative, enterprising, talented and self-confident Technology associate. He has made a name for himself in the field of Advanced Technology through sheer hard work. He is currently in-charge of Amazon Web Services, one of the top web services in the world. He has been focusing mostly on Emerging Technologies, such as cloud computing, security, analytics and business intelligence. His professional life is full of variety.
Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman is the founder of Cloudcamp Bangladesh and also served as ex-Director of Solutions Architecture at EMC Corporation and Virtustream. He is quite an expert in graphic design. He also worked as computer graphic designer at a renowned firm. He served as chief strategy officer at Grameen Solutions Ltd. He served various companies including Mobioapp Ltd and International Space Apps Challenge. He worked as Manager for Verizon Communication, Director for Servis, Senior Director for Logicworks, solutions architect for MCI Inc., solutions architect for Verizon and IT specialist for Capital Trust. Besides, he also served Asarco and International Delights.
As a student, Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman was very meritorious. He completed his primary education at Narayanganj Adarsha School. Thereafter, he completed SSC from Government Laboratory High School and HSC from Dhaka College. Then, he went to the USA to receive higher education and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering from University of South Alabama in the academic year 1991-1992. He then received higher degree in Accountancy from Queen Borough Community College in 1995 and Baruch College in 1996 for a better career. Mr. Mahdee is very keen in learning. He received MBA degree on Global Technology Management from AIU Online in 2006. He worked for many companies utilizing his institutional education and professional skills.
Coming to the USA in 1991 for receiving higher education, Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman went to Mobile, Albama. He has established his permanent residence in New Jersey. He has a deep knowledge over Bangla, English and American English as well. Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman got married to Shahnaz Zaman in 1993. The couple is blessed with two daughters- Riasta Nowhin Zaman and Riyam Nowshim Zaman.
Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman did not forget Bangladesh even though he has made his permanent residences in the USA. He comes to Bangladesh more than once every year. He is a hard-working and self-confident person who has been using his education in his profession and continuing to perform duties for various companies. Recently, he has been working for Amazon Web Service since October 26, 2019. He is leading a movement to maintain the natural balance of Bangladesh through the establishment of Cloudcamp Bangladesh in 2012. He came to Dhaka in 2013 after working in various lucrative positions there and served as Chief Strategy Officer at Grameen Solutions Ltd till 2016.
Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman, a known face to the New York Bangladesh community, is very optimistic about the development of Bangladesh. According to him, the people of this country are creative and hard-working. More than one crore people of Bangladesh in different countries of the world have got the opportunity to represent the country through their businesses and employments. He opines, more importance should be given to technical education. This sector will increase the income of Bangladesh a hundred times faster.
Mohammad Mahdee-uz Zaman, a proud son of Bangladesh, also values ‘Bangaliana’ abroad and urges the new generation of children to feel proud about Bangladesh. He believes Bangladesh needs to groom students interested in technology at schools, colleges and universities and make it a must in education curriculum. He says, the e-Asian, Digital world, CONE should be established in Bangladesh. In the age of NASA Space Apps Challenge, Bangladesh should not be left behind but should be able to face the challenges. He continues running sessions via social media for everyone on technology related topics. He is in the board of a number of organizations, and advisor for a number of government and commercial entities.


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