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Mohammad Jahangir Wants To Fill Void In Mitigating Major Financial Risks And Attain Inter & Intra Sector Linkage In Bangladesh

Mohammad Jahangir
Project Services Institute of Canada Inc.

Knowledge portfolio [Mechanical Engineering, SME – Project Management, SME – Cost Engineering, SME-Project Economics, Professor in Research Methodology, SME – Strategic Innovation and R&D Management]
Engr. Mohammad Jahangir is a successful Sector Advisor (Gov. of KSA), a director of project management services management, and a Mega projects delivery manager (Projects include major nuclear power plant, Uranium mines, Gold, Aluminum, Phosphate mines, major Oil Refinery, Petrochemicals, and Industrial City /Infrastructure development up to $14.0 Billion in size). Worked as visiting Professor of Middlesex University, UK. A Mechanical Engineer from BUET. Studied MBA (AMBA accredited) from Middlesex University, UK. Developed PMO offices, Project Delivery Models, Project Set up plan in Canada & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is an accredited project management professional (PMI, USA), and certified Cost Professional (AACEI, USA). A reader in Malaysian economic growth and submitted a thesis for an M Phil (Middlesex University, UK), which was approved.

Bangladeshis have been leaving the country since independence for various countries abroad due to lack of opportunities and proper evaluation from the homeland. But the best part is these people never forgot Bangladesh and did whatever possible to uplift the country in their own individual ways. Mohammad Jahangir, a freedom fighter, left for an MBA and later an MPhil in Middlesex University, UK, in the year 1990 after realizing the need to advance himself further to ingrain soft skills.
Mohammad Jahangir was born in 1955 in Jessore, Bangladesh. He completed his SSC in 1970 and HSC in 1972 from Muslim Academy High School, Jessore. The liberation war broke out while he was in HSC 1st year. He was an active participant in the 1971 War of Liberation and contributed through awareness building. He was a member of a team responsible for information dissemination in the form of publications and cultural motivation. The war made him realize the strong bonding he had with his motherland.
In 1973 Mohammad Jahangir enrolled to BUET(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) to fulfill his hopes in building a prosperous nation he called home. He knew that a young country like Bangladesh would require a skilled work force to strengthen its journey ahead and thus began developing himself to take part in it. He dreamt of an industrially developed Bangladesh when he was only a teen.
After obtaining his Engineering degree he became a Mechanical Engineer to begin his career with entrepreneurship. Later, he joined BTMC (Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation, Planning Directorate) as a Deputy Chief Engineer in 1988.Although his entrepreneurship days were short numbered, he did not let his dreams die and till today nurtures the idea of contributing more. He came to UK to earn advance business knowledge and earn research expertise in 1990. In 1993 he became a Visiting Lecturer in Research Methods at the Middlesex University, London. In 1997, he joined Basic Industries Wing(SABIC) of the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals of Saudi Government as Planning Advisor. From 2000 to 2003 Mohammad Jahangir was a Professor at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advance Learning in Ontario Canada. Again, in 2004 the Petroleum and Mineral Resources wing (MAADEN), of the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals appointed him as the Business Strategy Specialist of the corporation. There was a shift once more to Saudi Aramco in 2008 as its Project Control Advisor cum Manager in its YERP consortium – Yanbu Export Refinery projects. He worked and delivered mega projects up to US$ 14 BN in size in different wings of the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals, Govt. of KSA.
Mohammad Jahangir moved back to Canada in 2010 after being appointed by CAMECO Corporation (Uranium Mining Corporation, Saskatchewan, Canada) as Corporate Manager, Project Controls. Later in 2016, he served Bruce Nuclear Power Plant for CTSNA(the largest nuclear plant in the world) as Engineering Project Control manager. From Canada he moved to Bangladesh for a one-year period for February 2019 to February 2020 serving Max Corporation as an Executive Director. Currently he is working as the Director of Project Services Institute of Canada Inc., Toronto.
In this interview while asked about his objective and where his contribution fits he mentioned “Two strategic Initiatives are URGENT for Bangladesh” to help enhance the growth race and reach towards achievement targets [SDG 2030, Vision 2041]
1. It is an URGENT requirement that Bangladesh establish a Project Services Institute (PSI B) to deliver skilled work forces (Project Managers, IT Project Specialists/Managers, Quality Control, and Assurance Managers) to take in charge of Physical Infrastructures, Digital Infrastructures, and Manufacturing sector’s assets. The PSI-B should be set up with private sector initiative with close cooperation from the government. None of the Universities of Bangladesh produces Project managers. They have no such plans even to do so. Very simply, developing structures while there is absence of resources to deliver and maintain those critical assets presents unsurmountable project management and investment risks. This must be realised, addressed, and acted upon seriously.
2. The Second critical proposition is on PPP initiative to commissioning a “National Innovation and Strategic R&D Institute (NISRDI)”. NISRDI will work with the guidance from the Prime Minister’s office. Take directions from Core Policy formulation Teams in the Planning Commission of the Country and ICT Ministry. The NISRDI envisages to provide the following:
a.Technical Planning and total knowledge guidance, strategic linkage (Integrate inter and Intra sectoral linkage), growth and planning geared to achieve and secure National Goal – 2041.
b. Strategic development support in areas of New Product Development (NPD), Product Support and Quality Assurance.
c. IT/Digital sector advancement, knowledge guidance, resources development and lead to advance in the 4IR
Critical is, we are planning to achieve an Advanced development country status in next 20 years!
We simply lack creation of necessary human resources and focused tools for earning self sufficient development initiatives. To advance the nation further, it is pertinent that above two initiatives get the highest priority from the NRB resources, and those who would provide absolute patronization in the development, management, and maintenance our precious assets and lead our nation to meet National Development Goals and Objectives.
The nation is now paying foreign exchange worth US $ 6.0 Billion every year for payment for human resources from foreign countries. Above projects would not only save the country from severe monetary risks every year, rather help to earn equivalent amount of foreign earning as we have potential skilled work force and man-power exports.


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