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Pushing Corporate Sustainability Of Real Estate & Property Management In Bangladesh

Mohammad Arifuzzaman
CEO & Managing Director
Real Capita Group

It is remarkable that Real Capita Group, operating from the emergent economy of Bangladesh, continues to achieve phenomenal corporate growth by servicing the aspirations of others. Real Capita distances itself from short-termism (of profit-making) and embodies the principles of sustainable finance in all its operations. It is an exemplary story of servant leadership. It also is intrinsically the story of Mohammad Arifuzzaman, the Managing Director (CEO) of the Group, who habitually lives the future today. From committing to socio-environmental sustainability to philanthropy, he knows that profits are mere corollaries when things are done right or ethically. He believes in the value of a real economy that reduces income and wealth inequalities.
Mr. Arifuzzaman’s affinity for sustainability thinking took shape during his work in a multinational bank. There he learned the value of diversity management. He believes in local and regional economic development, and in an integrated and just world. He envisions a strong South Asia and is very knowledgeable about its business climate. His first love is real estate development where he leads with finesse. He is profoundly aware of the interconnectedness of the sector with the wider economy. In his ongoing work for a PhD (Real Estate & Property Management), he is heavily focused on corporate sustainability of the sector in the context of Bangladesh. He ardently promotes a learning orientation and is nearing the establishment of Real Estate Skill Development Academy (RESDA).
17 years of prior experience, from the multinational context to that of a marketing executive, has prepared him well to create Real Capita Group in 2017. Now Real Capita Group has achieved ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified company. He knows the limitations of avant-garde technologies like artificial intelligence (in business analytics) and accents on the need for honesty, integrity, and fortitude for organizational success. Real Capita’s phenomenal growth is perhaps exemplified best by “RC Maya Kanon” (Abdullapur, Keranigonj, Dhaka) and “RC Rivery Village” (Rupgonj, Narayangonj), multipurpose real estates which cater to the human need for everything green and healthy. There are construction projects ongoing (residential and commercial) in locations like Dhaka, Savar, Khulnaand Rajshahi. In addition, the Group commits heavily to low cost and/or affordable housing (that again with ‘green and healthy’ amenities). The mastery of how to dream with the clients wishing to own a property/asset is Real Capita’s second nature. Thus, financial gains for the Group are rather natural; its operations contribute to trust-building in the real estate sector, and by export, for the economy of Bangladesh. Ensuring the welfare of all the stakeholders, for Real Capita, is a duty.
Mr. Arifuzzaman’s focus on building trust amongst the clients and diverse stakeholders is duly recognized. He is currently Joint Secretary General of the Dhaka Developers and Real Estate Group (DD-REG). He is an honorable member of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), honorable member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), and honorable member of Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB). He continues to be indefatigable.
Recognized as one of the top performing CEOs in the country, Mr. Arifuzzaman ‘practices’ the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an SDG Action Partner. He founded the AB Foundation, in memory of his deceased father, Mr. Abul Bashar. The Foundation, aimed especially at the disadvantaged, provides access to quality education and grants for small/medium enterprises in line with the SDGs.
Real Capita continues to defy ‘norms’ that hinder social and environmental justice; and, it remains agile in shifting situations posed by VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) times. Even when the corona pandemic struck, Real Capita’s resilience kept the dreams of its clients alive. But more salient is what it did for its employees – no pay cut and no layoff; all employees are treated as family members. It continues to be robust in tough financial realities resulting from the pandemic. Real Capita is completing negotiations that shall see its operations in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Arifuzzaman believes that various factors have allowed the real estate actors of Bangladesh to compete amicably in a regional or global context. And Real Capita is one of the leaders in seizing the opportunities. It believes all businesses should pave the way for a circular economy and disown wasteful, linear one. It expects to see the merging of seemingly different sectors, like trading, tourism and agriculture, with real estate development. And that preservation of biodiversity will be binding for all businesses. The Group aims to be a conglomerate and/or diversify sufficiently to participate in a sustainable economy, local and global, as a prudent servant leader.


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