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Bangladeshi born architect and system administrator of MIT Zero Robotics Mizanul Chowdhury

Mizanul Haq Chowhdury


Mizanul Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi born NASA Artrobee/SPHERES scientist, architect and system admin of Zero Robotics at MIT Space Systems Laboratory. He is also consultant and chief architect of Open Music project (RAIDAR) at MIT and founder of
Mizan Chowdhury is a gold medalist from BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology). He is also the Architect and System Administrator of MIT Zero Robotics (ZR) at Space Systems Laboratory in Aero Astro department. ZR is a space problem solving STEM project, which uses MIT SPHERES satellites (space robot) that were developed jointly by MIT and Aurora for research aboard the International Space Station. He is the “brains” behind the operation of the ZR project. Mizan received a Special Recognition Award from MIT for extraordinary contribution in ZR. The Astrobee robot is a cube free-floating robot aimed to assist scientists and engineers working in space. Development of the robot includes developing and maintaining cloud-based remote robot management platform that permits robots to be remotely controlled from earth. The cloud platform also implements virtual simulation of the Astrobee robot to assist in trajectory. Mr. Chowdhury joined MIT in 2013. Since then he has been responsible for supporting technical backbone of Zero Robotics project, which includes robotics programming to solve space problem, compiling and simulation.
Mizan is the founder of the STEMX-365 ( ISS based multinational education platform. Currently, this platform runs JAXA’s Kibo-ABC program for Bangladesh. He is the Chief Technical Advisor and Coordinator of Bangladesh JAXA’s Kibo-ABC program.
Mizan also architected the MIT RAIDAR, Decentralized Open Music Platform using Blockchain. Currently, he is developing a proof of concept of MIT Open Digital Asset Protocol (ODAP) for two-way Blockchain-Gateway.
Before he joined MIT, he worked for Jericho Systems Corporation (DOD contractor) with Top Security Clearance as an IAM (SAML, OAuth, XACML, ABAC, RBAC, etc.) expert. He also worked for PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) in Needham, MA as IAM Technical Fellow. Mr. Chowdhury also works for Cisco as IAM and Security Service exchange lead. He has also been involved in training senior engineers in OAuth, OpenID Connect and UMA protocols.


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