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Md. Shamsur Rahman

Md. Shamsur Rahman
Managing Director
MRS Industries Limited

Md. Shamsur Rahman is the Managing Director of MRS Industries Limited, a subsidiary of BRB Group of Industries. He is the director of Lovely Housing Limited, BRB Polymer Limited, BRB Distribution Limited, Universal Leader Services Limited and BRB Securities Limited.
Shamsur Rahman was born in 1976 in an aristocratic family in Kushtia district. He holds a BBA degree with distinction from North South University. His father’s name is Md. Mozibar Rahman, an eminent industrialist and honorary Chairman of BRB Group of Companies.
Shamsur Rahman has been very far-sighted and hardworking since his childhood. That is why he helped his father in various activities of the mills, factories and related business besides his study. He has been in charge of managing business activities since his graduation from university. Over time, he became a successful model of the expanding industry and an unrivaled entrepreneur in this sector.
Educated in modern education, this young entrepreneur has continued the trend of success by getting involved in the business arena. MRS Industries Ltd. is a prime example of a company which is able to achieve its goals through his efficient management, analytical approach, participatory decision making and consultative guidance. Combining modern human resources and advanced technology, he is producing international standard raw materials for the cable industry – copper wire rod, aluminum wire rod, copper strip, copper housing, etc. In addition to meeting the demand of the local market through the production of wood alternative plywood particle board MVF board, melamine board, veneered board, PVC sheet and ceiling in the expanded unit, export has also started which is playing a special role in earning foreign exchange.
The business journey of this young entrepreneur started under the direct supervision and guidance of his father. Under his efficient leadership, the company has already been able to take a strong position in the industrial sector of Bangladesh. With the dedicated supervision and careful management of Shamsur Rahman, MRS Industries Ltd. has added some new companies, one of which is MRS Industries CNG Filling Station. MRS Industries Limited, a family member of BRB Group, one of the leading and reputed corporate houses of Bangladesh, has become able to gain wide acceptance in the country and abroad by producing international quality raw materials and modern products in the cable industry. At the heart of this continued progress of MRS is the skillful management of Shamsur Rahman.
He has also been nominated CIP more than once for his significant contribution to industry and commerce. In 1990, MRS Industries Ltd. is situated at the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) Industrial Estate, 5 km from Kushtia town to meet the demand of local cables industry. Initially, these raw materials were supplied according to the needs of local and own companies, but in line with the needs of the age, all types of suitable cable-producing companies were connected to their production process.
MRS Industries Limited is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh engaged in the production and marketing of international quality copper wire rods, aluminum wire rods, copper strip materials. In this case, they have a modern equipment-rich laboratory for quality control of production. The company is already ISO 9001: 2015 certified for producing quality raw materials. Dynamic young entrepreneur Md. Shamsur Rahman is a key part of the management and development plan for the production of commendable materials such as Copper Wire Rod, Aluminum Wire Rod, and Copper Strip Busbar in Bangladesh.
Shamsur Rahman thinks that there is a lot to be done for the welfare of the economy through business which he continues to do smoothly through establishing industry. Regarding his company, he says, MRS Industries Limited is committed to supplying best quality of products which will ensure customer’s interest.

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