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Md. Parvez Rahman

Md. Parvez Rahman
Managing Director
BRB Cable Industries Ltd.

Md. Parvez Rahman is the Managing Director of BRB Cable Industries Limited. He was born in 1973 in an aristocratic Muslim family in Kushtia district. His father is Mujibur Rahman the Chairman of BRB Group, a private limited company.
Parvez Rahman has been very far-sighted and hardworking since childhood. For that reason, besides studying in his student life he took interest in his father’s business. After completing his studies, he took full responsibility of running the business. As a result, he has gradually become a successful embodiment of the expanding industry and an unrivaled entrepreneur.
The driving force of the company is their motto ‘One among many in the world and biggest in Bangladesh’. BRB Cable is the country’s No.1 brand of cables progressing faster than the country itself. It ranks 33rd among 3000 wires and cables manufacturing and marketing companies from two hundred countries around the world.
On the eve of the 49th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence, BRB is only celebrating its 42nd birth anniversary which indicates that in the 49 years of independence, the movement of BRB Cable has entered 43 years. However, their destination hasn’t been reached yet. It is only a portion of its advancement towards progress or just a milestone. The journey has begun with the aim of building an economically self-reliant country and nation. BRB Group Chairman Mozibar Rahman established his dream project BRB Cable Industries Limited on October 23, 1986. Originally, the company started commercial production in 1980, ushering in a new era in the cable industry in Bangladesh with the help of BRB Cables.
In order to further consolidate the production activities of BRB Cable and increase the quality of the products, the first phase of expansion of the company was successfully completed in 1995 by importing high quality machinery from abroad.
Following this, the second phase of expansion of the company was completed in 2000 with the production of PVC/XLPE insulated HT cable, FRLS cables up to 33 kV and aluminum conductors up to 132 kV.
The second phase of expansion work started soon after its completion. The third phase of expansion work was started in 2000 with the installation of state-of-the-art computerized machinery to meet the local demand. In addition, domestic cable of aluminum conductors and state-of-the-art fiber optical cable have also been included in the production in line with the purchasing power of the people of the country.
The establishment of the plant manufacturing ceiling fan was started in 2009 and it is now the most modern and largest plant in Bangladesh.
BRB Cable has been a pioneer in the cable industry in Bangladesh. In line with the needs of the time, we have already set up a VCV (Vertical Centenary Vulcanization) plant which can produce an extra high voltage cable with a maximum capacity of 230 kV. We have recently set up VCV (Vertical Centenary Vulcanization) Plant in our factory in 2020. Commercial production of Extra High Voltage Cable with maximum capacity of 550 KV has already started through VCV (Vertical Centenary Vulcanization) Plant which is a big milestone in the Bangladesh cables industry. This achievement will play a significant role in the development of the Bangladesh power sector. In future, the demand of the country will be met and exported abroad as well.
We maintain all the quality of our products as we use fully imported 99.99% pure copper wire rod and aluminum wire rod, high carbon galvanized steel wire insulating varnish, PVC and XLPE compound etc. as our raw materials. This quality standard is the uniqueness of BRB.
Educated with modern education, this young entrepreneur helped his father Mozibar Rahman to promote BRB Cable’s products to international standards and he was successful in this venture. As a result of Parvez Rahman’s efficient management and timely decision, BRB Cable has added to the quality of production and diversity to the cable industry. As a result, the company has been producing and marketing high quality electric fans, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) etc in addition to electric cables. Now BRB Cable is a product of one of the most popular brands in the international market worldwide. And Parvez Rahman, a young entrepreneur, is playing an important role behind this. Parvez Rahman thinks that a lot can be done for the welfare of the country and the people through business which he is continuing and will continue to do well.
A strong marketing network has already been built across the country through the tireless efforts of a group of skilled, hardworking workforce. In order to provide uninterrupted customer service and achieve their satisfaction, we have set up our own 150 sales outlets across the country in the interest of delivering our products to the doorsteps of the general customers. The company also has a marketing network of around 29,000 traders across the country.
BRB Cable has been manufacturing and marketing all types of electrical cables, overhead conductors, super enameled copper wire, instrumentation cables, dry and jelly field telecommunication cables, marine cables, co-axial cables, optical fiber cables, ceiling fans, MCBs etc.
BRB Cable is constantly working to reach the customer’s doorstep in remote areas of Bangladesh including different countries of the world and to achieve customer satisfaction by providing maximum after sales service. All the activities of the company are being conducted with this goal and objective.

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