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Md. Mizber Rahman

Md. Mizber Rahman
Managing Director
Kiam Metal Industries Limited

Md. Mizber Rahman is the Managing Director of private limited company Kiam Metal Industries Limited, a sister concern of the renowned BRB Group of Industries. Mizber Rahman was born in Aguniapara village under Shailkupa police station in Jhenaidah district. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics with distinction from the Islamic University. After completing his formal higher education, he started his business career in 1997, becoming a Director and then Managing Director of Kiam Metal Industries Limited.
Educated with modern education, this young entrepreneur has continued the trend of success by getting involved in the business arena. Kiam Metal Industries Limited is a prime example of a company that is able to achieve its goals through efficient management, analytical approach, participatory decision making and consultative guidance. Combining modern human resource management and advanced technology, he has been manufacturing world-class household appliances which are appreciated not only in the country but also internationally. The role of Kiam Metal Industries in the production and marketing of imported-alternative crockery products in this country is undeniable.
Md. Mizber Rahman is the only son-in-law of Md. Mojibar Rahman, the Founding Chairman of BRB Group. This young entrepreneur started his business career under the direct supervision and guidance of Mojibar Rahman. Under his efficient management, the company has already been able to take a strong position in the industrial sector of Bangladesh. Kiam Metal Industries has added new and international standard and designed products under the careful supervision and careful management of Mizber Rahman. The touch of modernity has now reached to the kitchen furniture. As a result, housewives are now using luxurious sophisticated crockery products to cook. In this age of globalization, no matter which country produces these attractive cooking utensils, it is not difficult to get them at hand.
Initially, there was a need to import these elite crockery products, but now there is no need to rely on foreigners for this. This country is producing international standard household items. Kiam Metal Industries Limited, a member of Bangladesh’s leading and well-known corporate, BRB Group, has been able to gain wide acceptance in the country and abroad by producing these modern crockery products. At the heart of this continued progress of Kiam is the skillful management of Mizber Rahman. In 1990, Kiam Metal Industries Ltd. started production in BSIC Industrial City, 5 kilometer from Kushtia, to cater to the needs of local customers. Initially supplied according to the needs of the local people, but in line with the needs of the age, they incorporated various types of aluminum products, casting pans, pressure cookers, light anodized, nonstick cookware, rice cookers, blenders, gas burners, induction stoves and plastics.
Unemployment is a big problem in our country. Kiam Metal Industries Limited has come up with a beautiful solution to this unemployment problem by hiring local manpower. It has also built a strong marketing network by recruiting manpower from different parts of the country. It is the only company in Bangladesh engaged in marketing of international quality household goods. The only goal of this company is to supply quality products as per the demand of the customers at the right place at the right time. There is a state-of-the-art equipment-rich laboratory for quality control of production. The company is already ISO 9001: 2015 certified for the production of quality crockery products.
The company has already exported its crockery products to various countries including Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, Dubai, Australia, India, France and has earned a lot of foreign exchange. Kiam Metal Industries Limited uses the international nonstick manufacturer Oilberg Group Germany coating for their production with a density of 30 microns. Every raw material for the product is coming from the developed world. As the crockery material made by combining quality raw materials and skilled manpower is of high quality, Kiam Metal offers a long-term guarantee.
Besides, Mizber Rahman thinks that every product of Kiam Metal Industries Limited is made maintaining high quality and food grade to ensure customer’s interest. Dynamic young entrepreneur Md. Mizber Rahman is at the heart of the management and development plan for this admirable production of culinary products in Bangladesh.

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