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Mayeen Chowdhury

Mayeen Chowdhury
Managing Director
Khan Bahadur Group

Main Uddin Mahmud Chowdhury (Mayeen) is a visionary and dynamic leader, who always advocates for change. He has a rich family background having renowned personality. His grandfather late Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmed Chowdhury represented his community from the front in pre-partition India. Completing his education in the USA, he was exposed to progressive leadership and strategic implementation techniques that are capable of realizing positive changes to the socio-economic platform.
Main Uddin Mahmud started his career in The Bank of America as a Cash Service Officer, where he was selected to present the Vaulting System of the bank in the Junior Banking Conference. After successfully working more than 2 years, he was sourced by the global investment giant, JP Morgan, which he then joined as their Operations Analyst. To highlight his extraordinary caliber, he was selected as the Analyst of the Quarter four times in a row, which is a significant achievement considering the scale of JP Morgan and the competition within the organization. In order to realize his true potential, Mayeen decided to return to his roots with a view to enriching his family business and facilitate real changes in business landscape of Bangladesh. To implement his vision, he started many new ventures in various industries which have changed thousands of lives till date. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Khan Bahadur Group.
Khan Bahadur Group is one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Bangladesh. Known for pioneering new business modules such as diverting consumers to smaller packs of rice with ‘KB Foods’ from traditional bulky bags to opening 8 Sbarro locations all at once on the same time same day or setting up a service which specifically caters to international companies to facilitate big government projects or G2Gs; it is determined to lead Bangladesh into the 21st century as a developed nation. KB Group is dedicated in its vision to take Bangladesh to newer heights internationally. We take great pride in delivering consistent quality in all our products and services. All of our products/produces are grown through environmentally friendly processes, using well established best practices and methodologies.
Main Uddin Mahmud thinks, “Strength in engineering and construction is key to development of an economy. As one of the building blocks of a society, assurance of safety and integrity is our promise towards the people we serve.”
He believes, international trade and partnerships are key towards economic growth and globalization. We have facilitated several government-to-government projects through our concern, Mahtab Corporate Ltd.
He says, we are constantly exploring further opportunities to contribute to the betterment of our country through strategic alliances with international governments.
The topmost priority of all of our businesses is our beloved customers. Our people work day in, day out to ensure that we provide a quality of service that can only be labelled as the best. Throughout all of Khan Bahadur Group’s brands, our promise of premium service stays true.
Through all our years of operation, we have always stayed true to our vision to give back to the people of our country. The Khan Bahadur Foundation was established with the idea to empower the needy and underprivileged by giving them access to better education, healthcare, sanitation, training and investments.
KB Foods Rice is the top of mind brand for various types of rice in Bangladesh. It pioneered the distribution of smaller quantity packaged rice in small local neighborhood shops. The brand also has other various food products.
KB Foods Rice is milled in one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated rice mills in the country. The rice mill has its own paddy silos which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh.
Mahtab Corporation is the company that successfully executed several G2G contracts including wheat G2G between the Bangladesh Government and The Russian Federation. We also successfully facilitated major development projects in different ministries with funding from World Bank and Korean Exim Bank along with various projects under GOB fund.
The group also has its own construction company called Mikhael Engineering & Construction, a 10,000 MT cold storage and operates several oil tankers. We also cultivate shrimp and salt and own a renowned and one of the oldest shopping malls in the prime location of Chottogram city.
Main Uddin Mahmud Chowdhury says, “Bangladeshi economy is growing rapidly. If the authorities concerned work to establish strong ties with the other countries of the world, nothing can stop Bangladesh to become an economic powerhouse in South Asia,”.


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