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Home Biography “Bangladesh Will Be a Developed Country Soon By Dint of Modern Technology”

“Bangladesh Will Be a Developed Country Soon By Dint of Modern Technology”

Masud Rob Chowdhury
IT Specialist, Los Angeles

Masud Rob Chowdhury is one of the few Bangladeshi Americans, who has made a name as an IT expert through his innovative works in the USA mainstream technology sector. He has been living in Los Angeles, California since 1982. He came to the United States for pursuing higher education and began his career in Los Angeles after studying Information Technology (IT).

From his childhood, Masud Rob Chowdhury was very talented as a student. He joined Bangladesh Military Academy after graduating from Jhenaidah Cadet College. He got the opportunity to come to America for receiving higher studies after getting Long Commission from BMA. He took higher education in IT there. The environment and lifestyle of the developed countries motivate him to settle down. He thinks that as a Bangladeshi, it is possible to brighten the image of Bangladesh by working on IT in the USA. Thus, he planned to settle in America.
Masud Rob Chowdhury, a visionary and confident man, who has been involved in the IT business with over 500 companies in the USA for more than three decades. These include Southern California Edison, Prot System, CA Utility Commission, Bank of America and HFT. These companies are recognized not only in America, but also all over the world.

Masud Rob Chowdhury is a very kind-hearted and humble person. He is very popular and well-known figure in North America, especially in the Bangladeshi community because of his active involvement in various activities of the Bangladeshi community in North America for a long time. He is involved with many organizations like- Bangladesh Community Los Angeles (BCLA), Bangladesh Community Society (BAS), Federation of Bangladesh Association North America (FOBANA). He is now the president of Jhenaidah Ex-Cadet Association in North America (JEXCA NA Inc.), a charity organization.

Masud Rob Chowdhury started a computer school in Los Angeles in the 90’s. He realized that even with a higher degree in general education, Bangladeshi Americans have to do odd job. In that case, if they are skilled and certified in IT, it will be possible for them to get jobs in the mainstream job market in the USA. Through his institution, many Bangladeshi Americans have got job opportunities in IT, IT industry and IT companies. As a result, Bangladeshi professionals have become direct employees of US Vendor.
Masud Rob Chowdhury is a life-long man. She likes to do social work, gardening and traveling. He shows keen interest watching Bengali dramas. He plays a leading role in various cultural events of the Bangladesh community.
Masud Chowdhury’s wife Shahnaz Chowdhury is an inspiration for all his works. The happy couple is blessed with four children, Nasik Chowdhury, Tasnim Chowdhury, Shabab and Tanha Chowdhury. All of their children give importance to Bengali culture.
Masud Rab Chowdhury believes, “Bangladesh will able to become a developed country through modern technology soon.”3


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