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Massive development is possible under talented and hard-working people in Bangladesh

Mohammed Munir
Philanthropist Being Real Estate Developer
Arizona, USA

Mohammed Munir, a gifted son of Bangladesh, has now established himself as an important entrepreneur in the Arizona state of USA. He once served as Sr. System Engineer III, OEM at Pinacol Corporation, a well-known company in Tempe, Arizona. He has been working as a real estate developer since 2003. He is currently working as a Real Estate Developer and plays a key role in Real Estate Properties Management. As an entrepreneur in the real estate sector, he is well-known figure at Tempe and Chandr areas of Arizona.
Mohammed Munir was an extraordinary genius during his student life. He was born in May 1957 in a traditional Muslim family in Dhaka. He passed SSC in the first class with distinction from St. Gregory’s High School, a well-known school in Lakshmibazar, Dhaka in 1973 and HSC in the first class in 1975 from Notre Dame College, Dhaka. Then, he got admitted in important and difficult subjects like Applied Physics in Dhaka University. He completed his BSc Honors degree in Applied Physics in 1979. He was admitted to the IBA of Dhaka University in 1980 and successfully obtained his MBA degree from this institution in 1982. It is notable that obtaining MBA degree from IBA is seriously evaluated in Bangladesh and any other country in the world.
Mohammed Munir came to the United States in 1982 in the hope of furthering his higher education and received his MS degree in Computer Engineering in 1985 from USL, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.
After completing higher education, Mohammed Munir joined Egg Head Software Company, a notable software company in Los Angeles, in 1985 as a ‘Software Programmer’ and played a significant role in the company’s progress in 1992. He joined Tempe’s Micro Age Corporation in Tempe, Arizoan in 1993 as a Senior Software Engineer, and in 1999, he joined Pinnacle Corporation, a notable organization in Arizona, as Senior Systems Engineer III, OEM, and worked diligently until 2003. In 2003, he realized that he needed to become an entrepreneur, not a job holder. Mohammed Munir, a software and systems engineer with a long career and experienced, engaged himself in the real estate and real estate property management business. Then, he did not have to look back. He has been running this business very successfully for the last two decades.
IT expert Mohammed Munir has a deep love for the country. He used to come to the country whenever he gets time. When he hears about any development of Bangladesh, he feels very proud and joy. He has deep passion for sports since childhood. He was directly involved in sports during his student life. Mohammed Munir says, the huge success of sports especially cricket has brightened the image of Bangladesh. Most of the countries in the world know the name of Bangladesh for cricket and respect Bangladesh. He is the team manager of Masa Lions Cricket Team of Murad Rana Memorial Cricket, Arizona. Under his skillful management, this cricket team has been able to achieve a lot of successes.
Mohammed Munir is the chairman of the steering committee of the notable ‘Masjid Abu Bakr’ in Mesa. Bangladeshi-American Mohammed Munir is well-known in the Bangladesh community as a benevolent personality.
He believes that the people of Bangladesh are intelligent and hard-working. Massive development is possible under talented and hard-working people in Bangladesh, he adds. He says, Bangladesh has already become a lower middle-income country. If the continuity of development is maintained, this country will become a developed country soon. He says, corruption in Bangladesh must be stopped at any cost. Terrorism must be eradicated. Human values and rule of law must be established in the country. Proud Bangladeshi American of the time Mohammed Munir always thinks of human welfare and well-being.


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