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Technology Based Education Can Bring a Positive Change in Country’s Economy

Manash Maitra
Sr. Director Internet of Things Intel Corporation

Born on December 20’1969, in Dhaka, Bangladesh – Manash Maitra is the youngest of 3 siblings. His Parents (Father – Late Police officer/ASP, Jagannath Maitra, Mother – Home maker, Kalyani Maitra), raised their 3 sons with humble means dedicated to education. Manash completed Bachelors from BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) in 1993 with honors, then came to USA to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He joined Intel (Chandler, Arizona) right out of school, in February’1997 and has been with the company ever since. Chandler (Phoenix metropolitan) has become Manash’s home away from motherland, where he lives with his wife, Rachana Maitra and their two beautiful children (Son – Avishek Maitra, Daughter – Monami Maitra).
Influencing community positively through personal passions

In his spare time, Manash loves enjoying time with family, travelling, watching movies and Bengali dramas.
He enjoys acting in Bengali dramas himself in community events – has participated in 10 dramas so far, including a performance in Bangamela’2019 and hopes to do more!
Manash’s passion is hiking. He loves going hiking every weekend with friends and is continuing to do so through the pandemic. Together they have built a hiking group called “Nilgiri”. This group has become a very positive fitness program promoting physical and mental health in the community.
SR. Director of Software engineering , IOTG, Intel corporation
Manash is a 22-year Intel veteran with extensive experience in Software engineering management, program management, software product development, system and solution integration, through multi Geo cross team collaboration and customer interaction in Networking, private, public cloud Solution, PDA, Phone, Set top Box and Tablet products. Currently managing/mentoring 200 employees in 10 different sites, across the globe.
For exemplary performance towards pushing validation upstream to enable time-to-market product introduction, Manash received Intel highest honor award IAA (Intel Achievement Award) in 2000.

Also received Intel SW Quality Award in 2011 & 2014, along with multiple Role Model awards, OPX awards, Division recognition and Versatile player award from Department.
Vice president – Bangladesh Association of Phoenix
Manash has been engaged with Bangladesh Association Phoenix for almost 20 years – supporting and promoting community events to motivate growth within the community, and to expand collaboration with other multi-ethnic communities. Engaged in different volunteer programs as well (MLK, MOVE..etc).
Known to enjoy serving the community with hands and knees on deck!
Mohammad Hassan, a Bangladeshi-born Canadian citizen, is a shining star in the business and trade arena in Canada, one of the top developed countries in the world. By dint of talent, hard work and perseverance, he has achieved this position. Mohammad Hassan is a well-known and popular face in the Bangladesh community in Canada. He is the Director and President of Canada National Security Inc. Founded in 2004, this company is now hugely successful in the field of business and commerce. He has founded Canada National Construction in 2009. He is its director and the president. This company has Contributed in the Canadian construction sector.
Mohammad Hasan is the head of Digital Bangla News, which is involved in multidimensional trade and business. He is the Chairman of the Editing Panel of Digital Bangla News. He is also the Chairman of Arista Group Global LTD.
Mohammad Hassan is following the path with the belief that a person can be established not through Aladdin’s lamp but through honesty, devotion, perseverance and hard work. He believes that if you work hard with a desire to reach the goal, success will certainly come. By the passage of time, he is now an enlightened figure in Canadian business, social and political arena. This pro-independence man is the Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, Canada.

Mohammad Hasan, a businessman and political leader, was born on April 1st 1964 in an aristocratic educated family at Fatikchari in Chittagong. His father, late Delwar Hossain Chowdhury, was the Three Zone Commander and His Elder Brother Late Anwar Hossain Chowdhury, BLF Commender, Fatickchari , CTG during the war of liberation.
Md. Hassan Total Family members of 3 Brother and 5 sisters… he is the last in the family… His Late Mother Momina Khatun with 7 children Hide place to place for 9 months of War for fear of life, while His father and Brother was in War Fighting for Liberation ..
Mohammad Hassan was active in the politics of Bangladesh Chhatra League during his student life. He is the former president of Fatikchhari Upazila Chattra League.
Before moving to Canada to start his career as an entrepreneur, he moved to Dubai for fear of persecution during the Ershad regime in 1989 and served as marketing manager for DHL, Nestle in the United Arab Emirates 1989-2000. He came to Canada in 2000 and in June 2000 he served as Regional Manager for ADT Security Services, Ontario, Canada until December 31, 2003. At a later stage, he devoted himself to his own business and was able to climb the ladder of success and establish himself as one of Canada’s top businessmen. He is currently the Director (Admin) of Bangladesh Business Chamber, Canada, President of Bangladesh Society Canada and Founder of Greater Chittagong Foundation of Canada.
Even during his student life, Mohammad Hasan was quite talented, hard-working and a good organizer. He has completed SSC under Comilla board in 1980 and HSC from the same board in 1982. He has graduated in commerce from Chittagong Government Commerce College in 1984. He has obtained his post-graduate degree in Commerce from the same college in 1986 from University of Chittagong.
Mohammad Hassan, a self-confident young man, has received training in marketing and sales to enhance professional skills. He has studied computer in Microsoft. He has become able to achieve business success very quickly due to his proficiency in internet and email activities.
Speaking on the occasion, Mohammad Hasan, Joint Secretary of the Awami League of Canada, says that the country has been able to stand on the ladder of development today as a result of the dynamic leadership of Bangabandhu’s competent daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He says, the country is now safe under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter.
Mohammad Hasan, a visionary and hardworking man, says, “Those of us who do business and work in abroad, their love for the country is genuine.” We always work not only for ourselves, but for the country. We think our country is lagging behind, many people are in trouble, therefore expatriates send a large portion of their income in the form of remittances which is making a huge contribution to the economy of Bangladesh. He says that the present government is reviewing these remittances and rewarding the expatriates with CIP status and the positive result is that the amount of remittances is increasing day by day.
On the issue of preventing corruption, Mohammad Hasan says that although the present government has taken steps to eradicate corruption, its implementation is not possible for some rogue politicians and corrupt bureaucrats. However, it is hoped that it will be implemented under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina because many successes of the government are spoiled due to corruption.
Mohammad Hassan is also associated with Fobana. He is the President of Bangladesh Canada Society. Liberal-minded Mohammad Hasan is involved in party politics but works with everyone in the interest of Bangladesh.
Md. Hassan also helps and contribute in Canada and Bangladesh for needy people and Charity Organizations..
He organizes Mezbani in Canada for 3000 people and in Bangladesh 10,000 people’s every Years with his own Money..
As our Journalists ask
Md. Hassan what is his intention to invite so many people in Canada and Bangladesh Every Years?
Md. Hassan answer was he love the Bangladesh and Bangladeshi People and he enjoy to Entertain his Native country people and always to be people’s person and be united the community alway…
Md. Hassan says he love to see the Dream comes True as Bango Bondu Sonar Bangla….and he is Ready to Helps and support anything is possible to make Strong Hands to Hon, Prime Minister SK, Hasina…Joy Bangal and live long Bangladesh
He thinks, “Unity of patriotic people will make Bangladesh more prosperous.” 3


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