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If someone works hard with honesty and sincerity, he or she must gain success

Mahbubur Rahman Bhuiyan, MBA
CEO & Loan Originator, AA US Mortgage
President, NRB Linx

Mr. Mahbubur Rahman Bhuiyan is one of the sons of Bangladesh abroad for whom our beloved motherland, as well as our new home the United States of America could be proud of. He is known to us for his extraordinary achievements in the Real Estate Finance and Mortgage business, and for his leadership in the cultural arena of the Bengali community in the USA.
Mr. Bhuiyan was born and raised in Dhaka. He passed his sweet teens at Motijheel Ideal High School, Post Office School, and then at Notre Dame College. He also got admission in the Physics Department at Dhaka University, but soon changed his mind for better education abroad.

He came to Atlanta, Georgia, as an undergraduate in an F-1 visa in the late ’80s. Soon he made his way to Georgia Tech University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. He also attended Morris Brown College, Atlanta Metropolitan College, and Georgia State University as well during his academic journey. One of his remarkable virtues is the thirst for knowledge. He has equipped himself in various disciplines including Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and finally earned his BS in Mathematics, and an MBA. He has worked in top-level corporations in different executive roles. His strong experiences collected from Marketing, Information Technology, Management, Credit, Commercial Lending, Mortgage, Real Estate and Urban Development, and Finance related companies motivated him to establish his business entities.

Mr. Bhuiyan has got a very colorful and rich professional experience. He started his professional journey in the USA as a Mathematics Tutor in the early ’90s. However, he soon switched to a career profession as Financial Credit Card Representative at Equifax in 1995. Then served as Financial Representative, Assistant Manager, Credit & Collection Manager, Call Center Manager, and Project Manager at GC Services during 1996-2007. Along his career lines, he has founded an organization named as NRB Links in 2013. The ultimate goal of NRB links is to connect Bangladeshi Business Expatriates with the Economic processes in Bangladesh. This business model would make a pipeline to pump technology, business, and service ideas to Bangladesh as well as develop NRB supervised investments, export and import, and ultimately benefit both the countries and its people. Mr. Bhuiyan and his other four partners had established a joint venture real estate and urban housing development company, Peachtree Associates, in Dhaka, Bangladesh to show his gratitude to the motherland in 2009.

Innovation, enterprise, and independence were ingrained in his blood, and it was not possible for him to be satisfied with serving under a defined routine in somebody else’s business. He was bound to venture on his own and started his own retail business by his name as President at Bhuiyan Inc. (2007-2009). During this time came the worst recession in recent US history. He was forced to give it up and seek a job again for survival. He accepted the position of Business and Financial Analyst at Compu Credit to pass the worst days of his life.

As soon as the recession was over, he founded Accurian Agency, a Financial Service, and ran the company as CEO from 2013 to 2015. As he was developing his company, he continued to serve also as a loan originator at Mortgage Loan Originator at Capital Lending/First Option Mortgage, 2013-2015. Then Mortgage Loan Originator and Sales Manager at MMS of Georgia Mortgage 2015-2017.
In 2017, he picked up his thread again and founded AA US Mortgage. He has not looked back since then. He is running his company as CEO and within a few years established it as one of the most successful businesses in the city of Atlanta.

The pursuit of knowledge and enterprise is only part of his multi-dimensional persona. He is one of the most active Bangladeshi Americans in the social and cultural arena. Even while very young in Bangladesh he was active members of Kochi Kachar Mela, Chader Hut, Fulkuri Little Theatre, and soon became Director of Fulkuri. He was an active patron and player of Shabuj Bagh Cultural and Sports Club, Anushondhitsu Science Club of Dhaka. During his college years in Bangladesh, he was an active participant in Debate Club, and Rover Scouting in Notre Dame College, Dhaka. At such a young age he also was honored with Leo Club Secretary of Green Garden branch. During his very short stay at Dhaka University he could not hold himself, but to participate in “Dhaka Nattom Theatre” and be members of Dhaka University Cultural group (Lead by Liakot Ali Lucky), Dhaka University Rover Scout. He soon became the President of “Jatio Shangskritik Chatro Porishod” President in 1987-1988.

As could be expected from such a person with such an intense inclination to society and culture, no sooner than he could stabilize himself in the USA he found himself in various socio-cultural organizations. He became the President of the International Student Association of Atlanta Metropolitan College. He was a Founding member and President of Bangladesh Student Association of Georgia, founding executive member of Bangladesh Student Association of Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University, 1992; Lifetime and Founding member, Elected EC member of the first Bangladesh Association of Georgia. He was elected Cultural Secretary in two terms, and Election Commissioner. He attended FOBANA, the First time in Dallas, Texas in 1990, and attended most of the FOBANA Conferences since then. He was the editor of 2006 FOBANA Souvenir, 2018 Co-Convener, and in 2019 Represented Bnagladhara. He is the founding member of the Bangladesh Sports Federation of Georgia, 1993. He is also a founder and lifetime member of Bangladhara since 2001 and operating as its President since 2017.

Although the US economy is hit hard by COVID-19 almost in every sector, Mr. Bhuiyan could hold his in very good shape. He could not wait for more to expand his business to other cities in the USA. A very robust and capable CEO indeed! 3



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