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Mabroor Hossain

Mabroor Hossain
Hosaf Group

Mabroor Hossain, the Director of Hosaf Group and Managing Director of Hosaf Proficient Energy Limited was born in 1981 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His family is originally from Feni, but he was born and brought up in Dhaka with most of his early schooling having been in the city. After completing his GCE and undergrad education in UK, Hossain returned to Bangladesh after 7 years in 2006.
Mabroor Hossain has been managing diversified business interests in Bangladesh and has over fifteen years of experience in the power sector, banking & manufacturing. He has been working in the power & finance sector since 2005 as part of his family’s investments in power plants and manufacturing electric meters. In recent years, he decided to branch out and started a green energy company on his own. His company manufactures solar panels and LED lights as energy conservation and reducing carbon footprint is a personal area of interest for him. Plans are underway to expand his investments to Private Public Partnership Consulting, Cement Manufacturing, Roads and Highways and Infrastructure Development.
He has been serving as a director since 2008 on one of the country’s largest private banks; National Bank of Bangladesh. He served as Director on the Board of Pragati Life Insurance prior to that.
In 2016, he setup the first of its kind telecommunication project, and has been awarded the first and only Mobile Number Portability Services License by the Bangladesh Telecommunications and Regulatory Commission. Currently, the only company serving 165 million telecommunication subscribers with number portability services and dipping lookup services.
Hossain is a director on the board of Bangladesh Independent Power Plant Producers Association (BIPPA). One of the main objectives of BIPPA is to promulgate a combined platform to enable major stakeholders including government, a single point instead of conducting one to one discussion programs. Successful implementation of Power System Master Plan is simultaneous vision of the Government of Bangladesh as well as private sector. This is the only association for Power Plant Producers in Bangladesh and independent power producing companies are required to be its member.
He was elected as one of the directors of this Association in the last AGM. This is an elected post; this post is the display of a major vote of confidence by other association members of his contribution to the industry.
According to global consultant Wood Mackenzie, the levelised cost of electricity generation from fossil fuel at around $44.5 per MWh (Tk 3.49per unit) in India is the cheapest in the region. In China, it is $48.5per MWh (Tk 3.81per unit) and Australia $50.9 per MWh (Tk 3.99per unit) among other 12 countries in the region.
The same is for solar power. In India, the cost is estimated at around $38.2 MWh (Tk 3.00 per unit), the lowest. In Australia, it is $52.7 per MWh (Tk 4.14 per unit) and China $61.2 per MWh (Tk 4.80 per unit). India’s levelised cost of onshore wind power generation, estimated at $48.9 per MWh (Tk 3.84 per unit), is also the cheapest in the region.
During the interview with Business America Hossain pointed out that the current billing rate of electricity is low compared to other neighboring countries. But since power generation has shifted towards privatization this amount is likely to change for the better gradually. According to Hossain, in the last 11 years due to initiatives taken by the government companies are getting accurate data for making forecasts and market predictions regarding market shifts and new strategies. The current government is concentrating resources to developing the power sector drastically due to its election manifesto promise to reduce load sheddings and they have succeeded significantly.
According to the Power Ministry statistics (Website) currently the country is producing 25,227 Mega Watts of electricity from a combined source of 149 power plants.
“In the next 5 years, I plan to expand my operations, in pharmaceuticals, establish a LPG Bottling Plant to address high demands of gas and low natural gas supply, explore opportunities for FMCG Products given our established brand name and the accessibility to a market of a population of 160 million. Additionally, my existing businesses are also looking to expand. My company aims to expand the current generation of power production by around 200-300MW (depending on demand). In the financial sector, we have plans to expand the banking services through overseas branches and Mobile Financial Services. My telecom company is also looking to develop government regulatory software and solution development for telecommunication,” said Mabroor Hossain.
“The reason why I did the MNP (mobile number portability) project or why my family and I have been in power generation or green energy is because I have always wanted to work on projects that help towards infrastructure development of Bangladesh, I ideally want any project that I invest in should eventually give back to the country and its people. I want to run my enterprise as responsible and sustainable businesses and my main aim is to ensure infrastructure development. I am now investing in young talent of Bangladesh and startups. I want my children to grow up in a country that they know their father played a small part in building.” Hossain further added.
Hossain is currently pursuing a Global MBA from University College London (UCL). He has recently fathered twin boys with his spouse Nadia Munawar Siddiqui. Nadia Munawar Siddiqui hails from one of the most powerful business families in the region. She is theExecutive Advisor to the Chair of Commonwealth Women’s Business Network.
In his free time, he loves to travel with his wife and explore new cultures. He is also an art enthusiast. Over the past few years, he and his wife have been building their personal art collection from across South Asia, which includes some pieces by great masters from the region as well as upcoming artists. He enjoys motorsports and skiing. He is passionate about helping uplift the people of his hometown and the country. He dedicates much of his time and funds to educational and developmental projects in Sonagazi.

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