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We need to build a prosperous Bangladesh for our future generations

M M Shahin
Former Lawmaker (Moulvibazar-2)
and Founding Chairman of Editorial
Board of the Weekly Thikana

Under the dynamic leadership & proficiency of. M M Shahin, founder of the Weekly ‘THIKANA’ and chairman of the Editorial Board Weekly ‘Thikana’, the most widely circulated & popular Bangla newspaper, published from New York, U.S.A has won the heart & esteem of Bengali speaking people of the world since its inception in 1990.
M M Shahin is vastly familiar for his foresightedness, as well as an enlightened journalist, editor & veteran politician. He is a former lawmaker from the Moulvibazar-2 (Kulaura Upazila) constituency in greater Sylhet. In his youth, M M Shahin came to New York in the 1980s and with indomitable courage & perseverance took the risk of publishing weekly ‘THIKANA’in an adverse environment.

Extra-ordinary meritorious and talented M M Shahin was born 1 July 1960 in a renowned Muslim family in Kulaura Upazila. From his very infancy M M Shahin set various examples of his creativity & innovation in both curriculum & extra-curriculum activities including games, socio-cultural activities, etc.
About 34 years ago, the world’s first temporary ‘Shaheed Minar’ was built at John F. Mary Park in Long Island City, New York. On that day, more than one and a half hundred women, men, and children laid wreaths paying homage to the Language Martyrs. M M Shahin then led the Bangladesh League of America as the General Secretary & set a glorious instance in New York for Bengali-speaking people living home & abroad. Nowadays our great Martyr’s Day has been recognized as International Mother Language Day; the expatriate Bengali leaders of that time including M M Shahin have played a significant role to make this happen.
The two-time former lawmaker from the Moulvibazar-2 (Kulaura) constituency joined the Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal during his student life, later he became associated with the Awami League.
The veteran politician is a very popular figure in his area. The weekly ‘THIKANA’ is representing the identity of the Bengali community in the USA & has established a harmonious relationship & strong bond between Bangladesh & abroad. The newspaper was founded on 21 February 1990. As such, the 32nd-anniversary number of the ‘THIKANA’ has been published on February 21, 2022. In other words, the weekly ‘THIKANA’ has set foot in 33 years, which is as enlightened as M M Shahin.
M M Shahin is as handsome and tall as he is eloquent. People-friendly M M Shahin has gained a reputation in the country as a politician; the thinking of this mainstream man is also advancing in America too. He has always been a force for freedom. Thikana is promoting the Bangladeshi- Americans in mainstream politics in all possible ways.
Under M M Shahin’s dynamic & bold leadership The Weekly Thikana is presenting the real situation of New York City as well as America. Recently he published
‘New York now a crime city’. He has put forward some arguments in support of this news item.

The report notes that the world, of which New York is proud, has seen a terrible deterioration of peace and law and order in New York. It has become a city of crimes. He has presented the ‘hard reality of the terrible entanglement in immigration’. This magazine is also very vocal about politics.
M M Shahin, a leader close to politics and a journalist, is an outspoken man. Although he has been living in America for a long time, he doesn’t forget Bangladesh for a while. He loves his roots as his mother. He always thinks of his motherland and its people.
The Bangladesh he dreams of is a developed country where people will be happy, and the country will be self-reliant. When he was in Bangladesh, he visited villages in his area. He went to ordinary people and tried to enquire about their happiness and sorrows. He made them see dreams.
He said Bangladesh emerged as one of the best of all the countries across the world. The people of this country lead a very simple. He exhorted them that what we have achieved is not a big deal, we have to make this country more beautiful and livable for future generations.
M M Shahin is optimistic & confident that one day Bangladesh will become one of the richest countries in the world. His valuable writings & fiery speeches inspire the young generation in patriotism & creative activities.
M M Shahin is happy in his personal and family life. He spends a lot of time with family members. He believes that if the family atmosphere is pleasant, the future generation will develop into good citizens.
Lauding the development policy of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he said that under her dynamic leadership, the country will quickly become a middle-income and gradually graduate to a high-income country which will make us prouder of our motherland. 3


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