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Ln. M. K. Bashar PMJF

Ln. M. K. Bashar PMJF
Founader & Chairman
BSB-Cambrian Education Group

It was Ln. M. K. Bashar’s dream to ensure quality education for all. Since its beginning, BSB-Cambrian Education Group (CEG), run by the BSB Foundation, initiated at Dhaka, Bangladesh, wanted to develop the student learning experience. And by providing the resources and structure needed to inspire the creativity of teachers and instructional staff, CEG has run new opportunities and experiences for students.
Simultaneously, Ln. M. K. Bashar has ensured the Digital Education System from the very beginning. As a result, CEG is known as the First Digital Education System Introducer in Bangladesh. He believes, Digital Education both invests in technology and creates the original products to give students the tools they need in order to learn the skills they require in our fast-changing world. Their purpose is to transform the way people find, consume and teach educational content through a range of technologies, allowing students to learn the subjects they need to excel in their professional and personal lives. So, CEG continues to help support teachers and staff-led innovations and transformations in the areas of educational technology and digital media in teaching and learning, active learning environments, and teacher-staff professional development.
Because, our existing education system is not so structured to serve this population sufficiently nor are most financial aid programs the problems requiring solutions are large.
Ln. M. K. Bashar’s focus, therefore, is on the quality of teaching and learning for those who enter or who hope to enter pre-primary or primary or secondary or higher secondary or professional and higher education in the future. While wide and attractive access to educational opportunity across Bangladesh is essential, it is also vital that Bangladeshi students have access to the best possible education learning environment. And to ensure it, CEG wants to start, it’s own TV programs through the 1st & only one educational TV channel ‘Cambrian Television, CTV’ in Bangladesh. What Bashar is developing & achieving through CEG, he wants to share with other educational institutions and all of our students at home or abroad. Since CEG’s beginning, Ln. M. K. Bashar has organized different kinds of seminars, workshops, training sessions, health care campaigns to share CEG’s developed digital educational materials & other support services with all. Bashar is committed to doing these activities, as he has dedicated his life for the core assignment of education remains the same whatever the era, whatever the institution, that is to enable people to learn.
Ln. M. K. Bashar and his CEG have taken up ‘Vision 2021′ as a social movement in the spread of education. He & his CEG celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of our independence in 2021. The objective of celebrating this occasion was to obtain an illiteracy free Bangladesh. The present government too has taken up a programme called ‘Vision-2021′ in the spread of education that is identical to ours.
Ln. M. K. Bashar firmly believes, it would never have been possible but for the co-operation of all. He looks forward to this continued support and co-operation from all concerned.
According to him, now is the best time to ensure quality education for all to make a digital and illiteracy free Bangladesh by 2021!
Some of Ln. M. K. Bashar’s mentionable international awards include ‘Majestic Five Continents Award for Quality & Excellence 2013’ (Awarded in Geneva, Switzerland) by Association of OtherWays Management & Consulting, Paris, France, ‘4th Asia’s Best B Schools Awards’, Singapore, for Asia’s Best Emerging School, ‘Golden Star Academic & Educational Excellence Award-2013’, Malaysia for Best School in Asia, ‘Best Academic and Industry Interface Award-2013’, (Mumbai, India) For Outstanding Contribution in Education, World Marketing Summit, Malaysia-2013, ‘Best-in-Class Learning & Development Awards’ (Mumbai, India) Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Innovation Learning, Ln. M. K. Bashar PMJF, Founder & Chairman, BSB Foundation etc.

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