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“Let Bangladesh be an educated and humanitarian country, where all will enjoy their basic rights”

Dr. Naheed Banu
Scientist and Scholar

In many countries of the world, people of Bangladeshi descent have strengthened their own position with worldwide fame. Dr. Naheed Banu is one of them who is a biochemist and talented academician. She was born into an aristocratic family at Miabari under Thanapara upzial in Tangail district. Her father, late Abdul Halim, was an honest, dedicated police officer. He retired as police super. Dr. Naheed Banu was very talented from her childhood. She passed SSC from Azimpur Girls High School in 1982 and HSC from Holycross College in 1985. Then, she was admitted in Biochemistry at Dhaka University and completed honors and post-graduate degree in 1982 with top results. In 1973, she fortunately joined to Dhaka University, known as the Oxford of the East, as a lecturer.
An indomitable genius Nahid Banu has received her PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 1986 on a full scholarship as she had a strong desire to pursue higher studies. In 1992, she has received a post-graduate degree in Hematology from Harvard University and later a Post Doctorate in Physiology.
A Although she chose to teach at University of Dhaka at the beginning of her career, she came to the United States in 1997 and joined Citomatrix, a world-renowned pharmaceutical company in Boston. She returned to Harvard in 2004 and joined Stomsell as a biologist with research on regenerative medicine and cellular therapy.
A very talented Dr. Naheed Banu has had the opportunity to serve as a consultant to many established organizations in the United States. In 2010, she moved to New Jersey with her family. In 2016, she had an accident while driving. At that time, she was the lead scientist at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.
The energetic and self-confident woman doesn’t like to sit idle. After recovery, she became a professor at City University, one of the leading universities in the USA in 2016. In 2020, she joined to Mark Pharmaceutical, a US-based pharmaceutical company, as a scientist.
Dr. Naheed Banu got married in 1970 when she was a student of Dhaka University. Her husband Syed Hasan Mamun also studied in the same university then. He received a PhD degree from Kolkata University. Nahid Banu’s father-in-law’s house is at Guddi in Fadirpur. Dr. Naheed Banu’s siblings were also quite talented. Her brothers- Feroz Ahmed is residing in New York; Dr. Kayes Ahmed is working at Bangabandhu Medical University in Dhaka and Tareq Ahmed is in Boston.
The couple Dr. Naheed Banu and Dr. Syeda Nawrin Nazmi is blessed with a daughter Syed Hasan Mamun who has received higher education and is now working as a financial consultant. Prior to this, she served as an officer in an established bank.
Dr. Naheed Banu said that though she resides in abroad but her roots lies in Bangladesh. She cannot forget the memories of her childhood, adolescence and youth period in Bangladesh. She always remembers the memories of Dhaka University and Curzon Hall. She says, some of her colleagues who were associated with student politics during student life in the university have established themselves as politicians.
Dr. Naheed Banu has also continued practicing Bengali culture in the USA. He has highlighted the importance of Bangladeshi culture to new generation in the community. When she comes to know about any good news from Bangladesh, she feels joy. She herself still thinks of the development of her poor relatives of the country. She has extended her hand to help establishing Bangladeshi Americans.
Dr. Naheed Banu often comes to the country and he is fascinated with the development trend of Bangladesh. However, he wishes, “Let Bangladesh be an educated and humanitarian country, where all will enjoy their basic rights.”


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