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Home Editorial “Khan Foundation works for people’s well-being”

“Khan Foundation works for people’s well-being”

Nayeema Khan
Goodwill Ambassador,
United Nations, New York Bangladesh Community
Chairperson, Khan’s Tutorial

Nayeema Khan is a Bangladeshi-born American, who has established as a unique personality through engaging herself in teaching profession. She is the chairperson of Khan Tutorial, an enlightened educational institution in New York. The educationist holds a unique personality. She has been playing an important role for the improvement of education in the immigrant community. She has been awarded with many medals and awards. In 2018, Nayeema Khan didn’t only dignify herself receiving more than one dozen of proclamation, citation, certificate, crest and trophy given by state senate, assembly, New York City Council and executives of Long Island Nassau County including Congressman in Nation Action Network program but also Bangladesh because her roots lies in Bangladesh. For the recognition of her brilliant achievements, she has been appointed as a Good Will Ambassador to promote the UN 2030 Agenda for Quality Education. She is the first woman from Bangladesh community who has got this honor.
For her great contribution to spread education, she was appointed to this post which is honorary but prestigious. In the same year, she was accorded with another prestigious award Crystal Trophy given by National Action Network, a not-for-profit, civil rights organization in New York.
Nayeema Khan was born in an educated and aristocratic Muslim family in Bangladesh. She got married to a man who comes from a well-educated and enlightened family. Her father-in-law was a well-known educationist of Chattogram and played an important role in spreading education there. All her family members are well-education and engaged in educational activities. Nayeema Khan has a keen interest in music. She used to practice music.
Nayeema Khan came to the USA with her husband Dr. Monsur Khan. She has contributed more to spread education than established herself as signer. She perceives, if the Bangladeshi young generation are not provided with quality education, they can’t able to establish in abroad especially in the USA. As a result, they can’t enter to the US mainstream society. For this reason, she has dedicated herself to properly education the immigrant children.

The academic career of Nayeema Khan is remarkable. After completing HSC, she received higher education in Soviet Union. When she was in Bangladesh, she used to practice music, present news through her sweet voice on radio. She got married to Monsur Khan who was engaged in teaching at Department of Economics in University of Dhaka. When Monsur Khan came to New York in 1985 for obtaining Philosophy of Doctor (Phd) degree, she came with him. After coming to America, she engaged herself with cultural arena here. She didn’t only practice music but also engage her daughters to music learning.
Nayeema Khan has many contributions to Bengali culture in New York. Because of her cultural activities, she was appointed as teacher of elementary class at New York City School. Apart from teaching in school, she continued her study. She received master degree in Human Resource Management from New School University in 1992.
Her husband Dr. Monsur Khan used to help children of his friends in making their homework so that new generation Bangladeshi students can be more attentive to their study and future. At that time, he performed duties as vice-principal of a school. He had a good knowledge about the education system of New York. For this reason, it was easy for him to present the contents of education to the students properly by which he got acceptability among the people. From his acceptability and self-confident, he established Khan’s Tutorial. To establish this institution, Nayeema Khan always inspired him. When the students were largely entering into Khan’s Tutorial, Nayeema Khan took the administrative charge of this institution. Khan’s Tutorial has made a huge expansion across the USA. This institution has now 11 branches where more than 3000 students are taught. The institution put a great importance to the study of the students for which the school has established as one of the best schools in New York.
Nayeema Khan has attended many seminars where she put emphasis on building up children as a good human through providing education. She has shared her valuable experiences in several seminars of United Nations. She has received ‘Congressional Honor’ from Congressman Joseph Crawley. Besides, she was also accorded with many awards including NYPD Muslim Affairs Socity Award, Danny Glover Power of Dreams Award.
Nayeema Khan is currently a director of Khan Foundation which works towards empowering undocumented students, women in education and leadership, and young professionals in NYC. Her only son Dr. Ivan is a physician and director of the foundation.


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