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Country’s Economy Will Change Drastically When Ict Park Goes Into Operation

John Shakhawat Chowdhury
Managing Director
NKSoft Corporation, USA

John Shakhawat Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi American National. He has Conquered. World IT Sector by dint of his brilliance and merit. He is the best of bests in this sector. US Dallas Business Journal has recognized him as a top Energy expert. This immense success not only him but also Bangladesh to a height- because this expert was born in Bangladesh. Shakhawat wants to build Bangladesh IT sector more prosperous where his root is engrossed vis-a-vis USA. And that’s why he has taken initiative to establish the country’s first private sector IT Park. His entrepreneurial success will hopefully Bangladesh is known for her RMG, Manpower export and Cricket, so one day in future Bangladesh known boundary will be expanded further for IT sector.
Meritorious and highly brilliant IT expert John Shakhawat Chowdhury (Tammana) was born in an educated respectable family of Mandari Village of Lakshmipur District. His father Alhaj Sujayet Ullah Chowdhury (Late), Mother Alhaj Mubashera Begum Chowdhury (Late). His father came to Chittagong with his family member because of doing business. He used to do transport and construction businesses. In addition, he was the UP Chairman of his own locality. John Chowdhury in 1979 obtained SSC from famous Chittagong Collegiate School and HSC from Chittagong College. John had inborn wish to become a pilot, but his father wants him to be a barrister so that he could earn countrywide repute as a Political Leader. As the creator wanted him to be a world repute IT expert, John’s surrounding would not be restricted within a limited arena.
After obtaining HSC, he went to USA for higher studies. Initially he studied law. During that time IT/Computer Science was a completely new subject. John changed his earlier decision. He got admitted to IT Subject. He obtained graduation in IT from Oklahoma Tulsa University in 1988. Later he obtained MBA Finance degree from University of Texas, Dallas in 1988. He obtained PMP degree in 2005 from American Project Management Institute.
Embued with youthfulness, John Chowdhury is the founder Managing Director of internationally reputed NKSoft Corporation USA and NKSoft Limited BD. He is director of America Real Estate Company North Atlantic Investment Company and Texas, Dallas based Frisco green Energy Chairman. He was involved with Chhatra League during student life. He is also associated with a number of organizations while living abroad. He is a board member of UTC Network of the future Council, NRECA Technology Council for Responsive Design and Tulsa University. Ex-President of South Asian Affairs under US department of state. Ex-Vice Chairman of Washington D.C. At present he is the President of Lakshmipur Sajjad Memorial School.
This Bangladeshi youth is really fortunate, Once he was a student of his school and now he is a member of the school’s governing body.
The professional life of John Shakhawat Chowdhury is a chequered one full of experience. He has a colorful life. He established NKSoft, Dallas TX in 1997. He was the director of Fujitsu America during 2012-16, Vice President of KEMA Consulting from 2008-12, Vice President of IBM Global Services Dallas from 2000 till 2008, Sr. Manager of Ernst & young from 1992-1997, Senior consultant of price Washhouse from 1989 till 1992, Program Analyst of Williams National Gas Telecom from 1987 till 1989.
As an IT expert, he performed very responsible job with US government along with 20 countries more than 30 governmental organs. Besides US government, he worked for Brazil, Peru, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Bangladesh government Electric Utility sector, private sector Square Group, Beximco Group Electric power plant, Electric Prepaid Meter, Solar Plant, NPG, TV Cartier as Consultant.
He also worked for hundreds of Healthcare Industries, Airlines Sector, Hospitality sector, Financial Industry, Utility & Telecom Industry, State and Local government, School & University IT use as consultant. Shakhawat John Shakhawat Chowdhury can speak in Bengali, English, Hindi, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese Languages.


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