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Jobayer Tansim Ahmed

Jobayer Tansim Ahmed
Board Director
Bangladesh Textile Mills Association

Jobayer Tansim Ahmed is one of those few lucky industrialists in Bangladesh who have been born with the tradition of business in their blood. Jobayer Tansim Ahmed, a 3rd generation businessman of an enlightened, meritorious, and aristocratic family, is the Director of Shah Fatehullah Textile Mills Limited, Jalal Ahmed Spinning Mills Limited, and Genvio Pharma Limited. He was born in 1982 on November 13 to parents Selim Ahmed and Asma Ahmed.
His grandfather Jalal Uddin Ahmed started his career in Jute with Rally Brothers Limited. In 1962, he established Chistia Food Industries Limited, an automated production plant producing Atta, Moida, Shuji, and other food products. In 1981 he bought Karim Rubber Industry from the government by auction, bringing the KARMO brand into the group. In 1986 he along with his son Salim Ahmed, established Elite Foam Industry. In the same year, Jalal Uddin Ahmed with his son Mohammad Shajahan established Shah Fatehullah Textile Mills Limited, the first cotton yarn spinning mill of independent Bangladesh. His 6 sons later established Jalal Ahmed Spinning Mills Limited. This family is also one of the founders of North South University, the first private university of Bangladesh. The businesses run by this family are still fully family-owned and continuing with the third generation. The family bond is still very strong.
Jobayer Tansim Ahmed is the eldest among the 3rd generation. He began his schooling in Narayanganj Kindergarten School. After migrating to Dhaka in the late 80s’, he got enrolled into the renowned Udayan Bidyalaya, where he completed his SSC in Science in 2000. He completed his HSC from Rifles Public College in 2002 before enrolling into North South University for his BBA.
Jobayer Tansim was very active in extracurricular activities since childhood. He was a Boy Scout in his school days, attended English Debates on BTV since Class 6, attended science fairs all over Dhaka. While in college he was a member of the Bangladesh National Cadet Core, BNCC. He even founded the Debate Club there. While he was in NSU, he was a member of the Sports Club, Computer Club and was active in other activities. After completing one year in North South University, he transferred all his credits to University of Wollongong, Australia. After completing his graduation, he came back to Bangladesh in 2007 and joined their family business right away. Shah Fatehullah Textile Mills Limited Export Unit and Genvio Pharma Limited are the result of the united effort of the new generation members of this family.
The far-sighted Jobayer Tansim Ahmed has proven his capabilities in trade and commerce like his father, uncles and grandfather. Apart from his business, he sits on the board of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association, the 2nd biggest trade association in Bangladesh. He is also a Director of Australia Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bangladesh Philippines Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Bangladesh Cotton Association. He is a Director of Baridhara Cosmopolitan Club Limited and sits in many committees of various chambers, associations and societies. Jobayer Tansim is an IT Expert by hobby. He is a Certified Data Centre Professional and Certified IT Project Manager.
He is happily married to Khandaker Raisa Ekram and proud father of 2 sons Umayer Jalal Ahmed and Zuhayer Jalal Ahmed and daughter Asma Shafinaz Ahmed.
According to Jobayer Tansim Ahmed, ‘Bangladesh is progressing rapidly towards becoming a developed country from a middle-income country. Per capita income is $2200 as well as has a large excess reserve. These are not just figures, they signify great prosperity,’.
He went on adding, ‘Roads and infrastructure has much improved in the last 15 years. Bangladesh built the Padma Bridge with its own fund. These achievements point towards significant progress. But at the same time, Bangladesh’s economy lacks well-planned development. While the economy is driven by the strong mental resilience of our countrymen, the country could have prospered further if there was precise strategic planning on economic development’.
On the issue of why Bangladesh took so much time to get here, he said, ‘The lack of active application of the rule of law is the main culprit here. The government has to be stricter in accountability and transparency and ensure lawbreakers are brought to justice and penalized’. He also said, ‘Education system must be improved to world standard and to meet the requirements of the workplace and future self-progress’.

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