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M & S The Brain Child of Jamil Imran

Jamil Imran was born in a respected Muslim family and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His father was a Civil Engineer and mother a housewife.
Jamil spent early years in Dhaka and then lived in England where his father went for higher studies and professional work.

Jamil Imran
Founder of M & J Foundation

After coming back from England with his family, he went on to go to St. Joseph’s and Dhaka College to complete his secondary and higher secondary school.
After secondary school Jamil moved to the USA for higher studies and joined Texas A&M University System and graduated in Business Administration from University of New Hampshire in New Hampshire.
After graduating in business he moved to New York and started his career in Ammann & Whitney and after working there for few years, moved to Long Island, N.Y. to start working with Key Bank in Retail banking and finance.
In 1998, Jamil moved to Atlanta and started working with Wachovia Bank now Wells Fargo in Employee Lending Unit management. While he was in school, he was also running a Franchise along with his studies. With that in mind, he wanted to start his own business by leaving corporate job. So after few years in corporate job in management, he started his career in Real Estate and started his own business.
In real estate, he did very well and received awards from State and Real Estate companies including Millionaires Club award.
In 2007 with the passing of his father and observing how Home Healthcare workers took care of his father at the comfort of his own home, he founded M&S Homecare Services to provide the same kind of care to older people who need assistance at home.
He and his wife started the business in their own home first and moved to a corporate office in 2009 in Duluth, GA. While business was expanding in the home care unit, Jamil and his wife expanded their business in Adult Day Centers (ADL) and Community Residential Alternative (CRA) or Group Homes. By 2013 M & S was involved in almost all kind of Medicaid programs under the Federal and State programs as a provider for the State of Georgia.

By 2017, M&S became the largest statewide company in this field with over 1000 employees working in Atlanta area and throughout the state. More branches were added in Columbus and Moultrie in South and Middle of Georgia as a part of expansion to serve people in distant places.
Today after being in business for 12 years, Still M&S is the largest company in the state in this field with more than 1200 employees, 10 International languages and over 35 Million of annual business.
While working in business in 2013, Jamil founded M&J Foundation, a non-profit foundation, with respect to his father’s wishes and his own passion of helping and reaching out to people of need both here in U.S. and in Bangladesh. Soon M&J Foundation expanded to help in religious and cultural issues and sponsoring events in different communities in Atlanta as a part of giving back to communities who helped shape where M&S is today.
M&J Foundation has received lot of recognition and awards from different communities as a part of significant support and continued advocacy for the people in need in Atlanta and GA as a whole.
Jamil loves to travel and spends lot of time traveling around the world with his wife and son Mesal. When he is at home in Atlanta , he loves to eat out in different places with different ethnic origin and have fun driving his weekend car which is a convertible Jaguar and hang around the clubhouse of Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth, GA where he resides. He prides himself of not being a Facebook fan where showing off from house to food is a part of showing off business among all the Bangalees because we were Fakir from centuries and now we are desperate to show off our material stuff or show off our food as if we never had food before. Jamil also doesn’t get involved and happy NOT being with different organizations of local community where most of the time members are trying to screw up each other in the name of community service and advocate of their own name recognition like bunch of losers and hunger for recognition and to be called community leader .
As a part of taking life easy and relaxing, Jamil has limited his lifestyle to working 3 weeks a month with one week vacation each months and only working 3 days a week. With the rest of the time Jamil spends time in reading about investment in Wall Street both in Stock and Bonds market and does investment through his financial investment company called “JI Management”. He works with advisors of JP Morgan, TD Ameritrade, Wells Fargo, TD Canada Trust and SunTrust Bank for long term investment and retirement strategy.
Jamil loves to help kids teaching them about investment and sometimes offer advisory help to adults if asked in investment which is better than gossiping around.
Moving forward, Jamil is having a great time at present with preretirement where he is working less but still active with work, travels whenever he wants, spend time with his kids and family. He is not looking forward to any business venture which sounds lucrative. He believes there is only one life to live and we need to be able to properly use it with a blend of social, financial and religious needs.
In M&S and M&J Foundation, Jamil believe in the old saying, “Success is measured by other people around you, but Happiness is measured by you within yourself not by others.


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