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Iftekharul Islam

Iftekharul Islam
Chairman & Managing Director
Aftab Group

Iftekharul Islam comes from a rich traditional entrepreneurial industrialist family of the country. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Aftab Group who has been leading the industrial establishments of the group towards development. Aftab Group is committed to making Bangladesh self-reliant in every sector. His uncle, the late Zahurul Islam, was a well-known established industrialist of the country, who is known to all by one name.
Azharul Islam, the father of Iftekharul Islam, has also been able to develop the Aftab Group extensively as the Executive Chairman of the group. The presence of this group is not only in the country, but also in cities like New York in America. Iftekharul Islam, Chairman and Managing Director of Aftab Group, was born on July 15, 1980. He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce.
The group includes- Milners Pumps Ltd., Sea Trade Fertilizer Ltd., Aftab Global Textile Ltd., Aftab Garments Ltd., Frozen Foods Ltd., Aftab Foods Ltd., Aftab Fertilizer and Chemicals Ltd., Aftab Milk and Dairy Products Ltd., Aftab CNG Ltd., Aftab International Ltd., Aftab Local and International Trading Ltd., Aftab Software Ltd., Aftab Computer Ltd., Aftab Properties Ltd., Aftab Steel Ltd., Aftab Holdings Ltd., Aftab Logistics Ltd., Aftab Global Fisheries Ltd. and Aftab Global Foundation Ltd.
Another specialty of Aftab Group is that it has been involved in banking business for a long time. Aftab Group holds the majority stake in Uttara Bank Ltd., one of the largest private commercial banks in the country. Azharul Islam, Executive Chairman of Aftab Group, is the Chairman of Uttara Bank Ltd. Iftekharul Islam is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Uttara Bank Ltd. has 220 branches and more than 4600 skilled officers and employees. As the bank has an agency arrangement with about 600 foreign banks, it is playing an important role in bringing in foreign business and remittances. Aftab Group’s Milner’s Pumps Ltd. started its journey in 1981. It was then KSB Pumps Company Ltd. which was established in collaboration with Germany. Aftab Industries Complex is located at Tongi in Gazipur. The products produced by this industrial organization have been meeting the needs of the common man for a long time. Note that in 2002, Milner’s Pumps obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
Sea Trade Fertilizer Ltd. started its journey in 1992. This company has contributed a lot to the agricultural economy of the country. The country’s agricultural sector is prospering as a result of the production of various types of high quality fertilizers including urea, TSP, SSP and MOP. Aftab Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. was established in 2001 at Ruposhi in Narayanganj. NPKS mixed fertilizers soon became popular among farmers. Farmers are getting the opportunity to produce more with the help of foreign adulterated fertilizers and pesticides.
As Aftab Milk and Dairy Products Ltd’s pasteurized milk, mango milk, chocolate milk and ghee are of very high quality, the company has become able to meet our local demand and foreign exchange is being saved as well.
Aftab CNG Limited has been meeting the demand for gas in many cities including Dhaka, Chittagong and Gazipur. Aftab International Limited has already gained a reputation as a trusted company for export, import and trading in the country. The company is headquartered in New York, USA. Aftab Holdings Limited, Aftab Garments Limited, Aftab Foods Limited are being operated with proper reputation in their respective fields. The largest industry of Aftab Global Textiles Ltd. is located at Vannara in Mouchak area of Kaliakair in Gazipur. It has 3500 spindles and can produce 7.15 million kilogram of yarn per year.
Aftab Global Fisheries Ltd. continues to play an important role in producing frozen shrimp and seafood. The company exports international quality frozen shrimp and fishmeal to China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, European Union, USA and Canada. Bangladesh becomes able to earn a lot of foreign currency through this.
As Aftab Group continues to industrialize the country, it is also making a major contribution to the country’s agricultural economy. Because Azharul Islam, Executive Chairman of this group and Iftekharul Islam, Chairman and Managing Director, think that in order to lead Bangladeshi people towards development, agriculture must be modernized which will increase food production. The group continues to produce fertilizers and pesticides which are useful in agricultural production. Although Aftab Group’s industrial establishments are scattered in different parts of the country, they have established industrial cities in Tongi, Shafipur and Kishoreganj. AG Companiy’s Software Development is playing a leading role in computer system.
Aftab Group in USA has been able to get a huge response in New York. The company has played an important role in property development, real estate, commodity trade, investment, readymade garments buying and selling in New York. Thus, the company has brightened the image of Bangladeshis there. With the dreams of father Azharul Islam and the hard work and meritorious efforts of the enterprising young Iftekharul Islam, this group has now expanded its businesses in different parts of the world.

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