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If we want to make our motherland a proud one, we have to work together

Dr. Arifur Rahman
Technical Consultant

Dr. Arifur Rahman who transformed chaotic recruitment system into an industrial form of business.
Dr. Arifur Rahman is a physician who graduated from Dhaka Medical College in 1976. For last 41 years he has been a resident in Saudi Arabia except for some years in Canada in-between. While he was in Dhaka, other than his medical procession he was a reporter in now disinvested by the government popular newspaper daily Dainik Bangla-the National news paper of Bangladesh and in the most popular trend setting Weekly Bichitra. His news about Khalilullah made a national sensation in 1973. In 1990 during ‘Desert Storm’ -the Iraq Gulf War he was the only official correspondent representing Bangladesh. He used to report side by side with CNN correspondents from central control room in Riyadh and he was with Bangladesh Contingency force in northern war field to boost up the morality of Bangladesh Soldiers by sending their photos, news to national dailies and Bangladesh Television which was not an easy task in those non cellular communication days. While practising medicine in seventies in Saudi Arabia he marked the sufferings and high migration cost of Bangladesh workers. The Bangladesh agents for manpower were the victim of Pakistan and Indian brokers as Bangladesh manpower agents were not properly connected with Saudi authorities and companies. This situation promoted him to enter into once ethically questionable business of manpower hiring from Bangladesh. He started contacting high officials and big companies in Saudi Arabia with his skill and connections. His entrepreneur venture changed the scenario of Bangladesh manpower sector resulting more human resource placement in Saudi Arabia and Gulf region removing huge number of commission taking by foreign third parties. His Endeavour was followed and supported by other famous business professionals of Bangladesh in late seventies and early eighties. This unseen unnamed conglomerate leaded by Dr. Arif and other business persons of Bangladesh took control of manpower business in Middle East. Only in Saudi Arabia this way with his now very famous business collaborators he promoted huge placement of manpower and in rough calculation it was about 1.5 million Bangladesh workers. His contribution and his remarkable role in this sector was mentioned in ‘Recruitment and placement of Bangladesh Migrant workers and Evaluation of the process’ a research paper published by IOM under UNDP in November 2002. Dr. Arif was the leader who greatly helped transform the early chaotic recruitment system into an industrial form of business. He is probably the most influential entrepreneur who sacrificed his medical profession for betterment of his countrymen. His role in manpower placement in Middle East rooted Bangladesh into a greater economy of remittance. As Bangladesh will be the third fastest growing economy in the world in terms of achieving high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019, –according to a United Nations report, his contribution in the founding economic growth of his country will be marked in the economical history of Bangladesh.
Dr. Arifur Rahman is a successful businessman. He was the founder Vice Chairman of The Premiere Bank Ltd. He was director of CMC Kamal Textile Mills. He was founder director of Shomorita Hospital. He is very friendly in manner. He always thinks about the development of the Bangladesh. He used to stands beside the people through his activites. He says, “If we want to make our motherland a proud one, we have to work together.”


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