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If we want make our motherland a developed one, more entrepreneurs must be created

Chairman & Managing Director,
Stargold Group of Companies, Dubai – UAE
Founder Executive Member,
Bangladesh Business Council, Dubai – UAE
Founder Member, NRB CIP Association.
Founder, Abul Kalam Foundation- Comilla

Bangladesh is no longer limited to its country only. The enterprising, hard-working and talented sons of this country have spread Bangladesh all over the world. Abul Kalam CIP is one of those entrepreneurial businessmen. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Stargold Electronics Co. LLC, a leading electronics company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Abul Kalam CIP, a prominent businessman in the international arena, was born in an aristocratic Muslim family in Dhanuakhola Adarsha village of Kalir Bazar union under Adarsha Sadar upazila of Comilla district. His father’s name is Haji Md. Ali Hossain and mother Safera Begum. They also had a very large family. He is the fifth of 7 brothers and sisters.
Although many dreamed of becoming a great doctor or engineer in their student life, Abul Kalam dreamed of becoming a big businessman because people can do business independently. But, an employee can’t do that. His father was also a well-known businessman in his area. The visionary Abul Kalam became involved in the family business in 1998 at a very young age. Following this, he moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Shortly after arriving there, he moved to Riyadh. After moving there, he was able to take control of the business and plan to expand the business within a short period of time. He visited Dubai, Hong Kong and China in 2000 and observed and reviewed international trade. Stargold Electronics Co. LLC was established in 2004 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with an aim of expanding its activities across the Middle East and around the world.
He also has an indomitable desire to study. That’s why besides business he achieved an international diploma from Cambridge International College UK. He has established some brands with the aim of providing quality products to the consumers in an easy way and also to maintain good quality in the products. STARGOLD, STARLIFE AND VIPTOUR are some of these brands. He is currently involved in various businesses.
These businesses include satellite accessories, consumer electronics, home appliances, home textiles, lighting products, travel products, perfumery, real estate, hypermarkets and supermarkets. The business reach of STARGOLD Group of Companies is well-known in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh.
With the efforts of this hardworking man, the products of Stargold Group are being marketed in about 95 countries in the world, including the Middle East. Abul Kalam, a luminary of Bangladeshi, has not only expanded his business, he has also employed more than 700 Bangladeshis in his Group of Companies, creating employment opportunities for the people of the country and sending remittances to the country. This is undoubtedly a significant positive sign for Bangladesh. His country-loving personality is found in his activities.
Abul Kalam is currently managing the business efficiently as Managing Director and Chairman of STARGOLD Group of Companies Dubai. There are many companies in different countries under Abul Kalam. Among them, Stargold Electronics Co. LLC, Shamma Perfumes Industry LLC, Starhome Hypermarket are notable companies. Abul Kalam, a young businessman, is revered by the business community in the Middle East as a successful young businessman.
His contribution is well-known in the economy of Bangladesh as well as in world trade. In recognition of this achievement, he received awarded CIP (commercially important person) card for the first time in 2013. In this continuation, he has been accorded with this status for five times in a row (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). In 2014, he was awarded the Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award announced by Bangladesh Bank for his outstanding contribution to the economy of Bangladesh.
This businessman and talented man has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of his various activities at home and abroad. He is not only an accomplished person of Comilla district but also a role model to new generation who want to be an entrepreneur.
Abul Kalam, a selfless man, provides assistance for the welfare of many poor and helpless people in and around his area. For this, he has established a non-profit organization called Abul Kalam Foundation in 2010. This organization stands by the poor and common people during any calamity. He also helps students who are poor but meritorious. He is the founding president of this organization.
Abul Kalam is involved in various business and social organizations. He is currently the Founder Executive Member of Bangladesh Business Council Dubai; Founder Member of NRB CIP Association and Senior Vice President of Cumilla Welfare Association, UAE.
This accomplished son of the country does not only think about his own prosperity. He thinks that if we want make our motherland a developed one, more entrepreneurs must be created.


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