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If we present our culture properly to other people of the world, the image of bangladesh will brighten multiplied

Rana Taslim Uddin
Puerto-Bangla International
Commerce Ltd.

Though born in Laxmipur of greater Noakhali, at the age of five, moved to Azimpur, Dhaka (Capital) as the father was working there. Rana Taslim Uddin is the eldest of four siblings of a middle class family. He completed his secondary and higher secondary education from the Dhaka University arena, the heart of Capital’s educational activities.
From 1984 on, joined political movement against the autocratic Government and soon became the General Secretary of the student wing of a Political Party.
From 1987 to 1988 Rana engaged deeply on writing in newspapers against the autocratic Government which earned him fame and popularity. In the devastating flood of 1988, Rana distributed clothes and essential foods to the flood affected people in Kamrangir Char of Dhaka and called an urgent meeting of the journalists on flood situation from part of his Party. These gained him much popularity among political leaders in Dhaka. He completed his Graduation Degree from The University of Dhaka in Political Science with a combination of English, Bangla and Sociological studies.
In 1989, the political situation was much deteriorated and internal collisions among political parties like Awami League, Chatra League, Jasod increased which led Rana leave Bangladesh for Hong Kong.
From 1989 to 1991 Rana tasted a bitter taste of unsettled immigrant life wandering through China, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Macao.
In the end of 1991, after living a short while in London, he came to Lisbon. That time, only six Bangladeshis were living in Lisbon.
In June of 1992 when the number of Bangladeshi increased to twelve, he launched Bangladesh Community of Portugal with them becoming the Secretary General.
In 1993, when the Portuguese government passed anextraordinary general declaration for accepting immigrants, there entered 183 Bangladeshis in Portugal from all over the Europe. Rana opened his helping hands for his fellowmen working as a part the honorary consulate of Bangladesh in Porto.As a result, his fellowmen started calling him the Ambassador of Bangladesh as an accomplishment. Though, all 183 people got residency in Portugal eventually.
In 1994, Rana obtained Portuguese citizenship and started his own company “PortubanglaInternational Commerce Limited” in which was the first company from a Bangladeshi entrepreneur in Portugal.He travelled around 35 countries as business tours. As the expatriates from Bangladesh started growing more in Portugal, he engaged himself on helping fellow Bangladeshis and started working in Portuguese administration which earned him name and fame and popularity.
Since 1995, Rana has been working in Portuguese Judicial Tribunal, Police Office, Detective Branch, Border Guard Office and Investigation Bureau as a translator of Bangali-English-Portuguese-Hindi language.
In 1996, Rana married Fauzia Talukder hailed from Bogra – Bangladesh and took her to Portugal in 1998 to live together.
In The World Trade Fair in Lisbon on1998 held in Orient National Park, Rana did a huge work where he made 600 Bangladeshis enter into the fair free of charge with the help of Honorary Consular of Bangladesh and the Expo Director.
In 1999 when UNESCO declared that 21st February will be commemorate “International Mother Language Day” then Rana created an Organization“Bangladesh Portugal Cultural Association” to express & share with Portuguese mainstream people about Bangla language and culture and he was two times President of thisorganization.
In 2000 after visiting Bangladesh Islamic Centre of Oxford, he called for the community members on a get together and created Bangladesh Islamic Centre, Lisbon with Baitul Mukarram Jaame Masjid and became the chief Councilor of it. Afterword this Mosque known as agreatest Mosque in Lisbon& got popularity. Now a days where almost 1500 people praying in every Jumma Salat.
In 15 March 2003, Rana greeted and gave the reception of Portuguese President George Sampaio in Martim Moniz where majority Bangladeshis are living and presented him the first Bangla Grammar written by a Portuguese in 1919 at Calcutta University, India.
In 2006 after performing Hajj, the community leaders made him the President of Bangladesh Islamic Centre, Baitul Mukarram Mosque which he is till now holding. Recently, after several meetings Rana made a protocol with Lisbon Municipality to build a Bangladesh Islamic Centre, Baitul Mukarram Mosque Complex in Martim Moniz, which costingaround nine Million Euros.
In 2007 he joined Portuguese Socialist Party. The same year he created a company of his own- Tasfa International CommerceLda.
In 2011, Rana participated in the community election as a President candidate which he failed as some miscreants did not want him to be elected for previous jealousness.
In 2012, with 30 countries of European Bangladeshi expatriate immigrants whose are living in Europe made a gathering to build an organization“All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA”. Theconvention held in Athens – Greece where the committee selectedRANA Taslim Uddin as a Vice President of the Association.
In 2013 September, Socialist Party of Lisbon nominatedRana to participate the Municipal Election and as a candidate he became a councilor of the Santa Maria Maior parish.The same year, he signed a protocol with the President of Lisbon Municipality on Bangladesh Islamic Centre – BaitulMukarram Mosque new project.
In 2014, Rana became the delegate of Socialist Party Lisbon downtown& become an active worker of party. The same year RANA Taslim Uddin participated the meeting of interfaith & inter religious held in Lewis ham, Great Britain by Europe Council of European Union on behalf of Lisbon Municipality.
In 2015, he established Portugal Bangladesh Friendship Association – PBFA to create the cultural, literature and languageinteraction between two countries for being a friendship bridge.
In 2016, Rana joined grand conference of Bangladeshi expatriate in kualalumpur – Malaysia and become an executive member of World Bangladesh Organization.
In 2017, Rana Taslim got nomination for the election of Lisbon Municipality from Santa Maria Maior, the election 1st October, the second time he become a Councilor.
In 2018, Rana Taslim elected an executive member of number 10 position of 18 members of the local ward of Portugal Socialist Party – PS
Rana is a prolific writer too. He wrote about 300 poems, more than a dozen of short stories, and lots of essays on different topics which have been published on different newspapers. He was a journalist of SaptahikBarta (Weekly Barta), while was in Dhaka. He wrote a novel Cactus, which is to get published. He made more than 30 Televisionsinterviews in different Medias of Portugal-Bangladesh and more than hundred interviews of different newspaper in Portugal and Bangladesh.
Rana is working with 14 organizations of mainstreams in Lisbon Municipality. Rana is the happy father of a son and a daughter. He is living with his family in Lisbon downtown last 27 years.


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