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If the culture of Bangladesh is forgotten, we won’t exist

Izzy Hossain
A Renowned Engineer and Social Figure

The talented and genius surely win in the world. Izzy Hossain, a Bangladeshi American has proved it true through her successes. She has become able to reach to an enlightened position in terms of both engineering and cultural personality through her sharp thinking, talent and hard work. Izzy Hossain is also well known as a contemporary intellectual.

Izzy Hossain has been talented since childhood. She went to the United States for higher education after passing SSC from Holy Cross Girl’s School and HSC from Holy Cross College, a top level school in Dhaka. She graduated in 1997 from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the United States with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She also holds an MSEEE degree from the same university. She is currently one of America’s top female engineers. As a talented engineer, she has achieved success in her career as well as established herself as a rising star in the world of art and culture.

Izzy Hossain, a talented and self-confident engineer, has been working as a skilled engineer for over 20 years. Her skills and experience have already given her the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of technological advances. She is known as an acumen consultant in the field of engineering. If anyone asks her why she joined the industry, her answer is ‘I have a love & passion for STEM’. She is currently working as Engineering Manager of Intel, a world-renowned and established company. Intel has gained a reputation as a computer processor maker, largely through technological advancement. At present, the company is making significant contributions in other fields of computer.

Engineer Izzy Hossain is a senior member of Tech. Staff & AT & T. She was an engineer at Bell Labs/Lucut Technologies in Mary Hill, New Jersey from 1999 to 2004. This diligent and good-looking engineer is not only involved in the field of engineering, she is also known as a singer and reciter. She has been involved in the cultural activities since childhood. The busyness of work in a famous company like INTEL could not harm her psyche and thinking. She used to recite poems and sing songs regularly. She has made a name for herself, especially as a Rabindra Sangeet artist. Her recitation attracts people very much.
She also cherished Bengali culture in abroad. Izzy Hossain is known as a prominent artist in the Bangladesh community of Texas, USA. Her daughter Alyina has appeared in a number of shows on National TV, featuring the talented mother Sukanya Eliana’s COVID-19 feature on DELL’s commercial. Areeb Hossain is also a distinguished scholar. He completed his MS-Phd from the National Science Foundation as an environmental engineer.
Izzy Hossain is also a painter. She has drawn a series of paintings on global warming. She loves to read stories on the Liberation War. She has been involved herself in the development of Bangladesh even in the midst of busyness and abundance abroad. She has also participated in various programs in the Bangladesh community. She always says Bangladesh is our roots. When the roots get dry, the tree cannot survive. If we also forget the culture of Bangladesh, we will not exist.


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