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If one acquires the production-based education like in USA, he or she doesn’t need to do odd jobs

Quamrul Mina
Pragma Systems

With the passage of time, reliance on technology is on the rise across the globe. In the tech-driven world, all technologists, who have become proficient in various fields, are leading the world. Quamrul Mina is one of the Bangladeshi American software entrepreneurs. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Pragma Systems Inc., an infrastructure and security software company based in Austin, Texas, USA.

The flagship software of Pragma was duly honored to receive the Approved Product List (APL) status by the United States Government. Through this, software expert Quamrul Mina has not only honored himself, but also brightened the image of Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Americans.

Quamrul Mina is a technology entrepreneur. He is well-known as a highly skilled software architect and developer. He was the chief designer of a significant number of products from a wide range of commercially successful companies around the world including IBM, Tivoli and HP. He has led large software teams at IBM, HP/Tandem and Novell to create many widely used commercially succesful software products.
Quamrul Mina stood first in SSC and second in HSC from Residential Model School in Bangladesh from Dhaka board with record marks in SSC. He was offered Wien Scholarship in USA and he did his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Brandeis University in the United States and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Rutgers University in the USA.
A creative software architect, Quamrul Mina has a vast knowledge on software development, networking and software security. He has sincerely performed his duties wherever he got chance. Prior to co-founding Pragma Systems in Texas, he worked at Bell Labs, Touch Communications, Novell and IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, and was able to play a key role in the development of these organizations’ software teams.
He has played a key role in the development of the most widely used software in the world such as Novell Netware, TCP/IP, Appletalk, IBM NetView, Tivoli TME, HP OpenView and Microsoft SSH for Windows. World’s most popular Telnet server, SSH server for Windows are also his creation with his team in Pragma.

An enthusiastic IT expert Quamrul Mina is a member of the Austin Technology Council and a Charter member of TiE Austin. He is associated with a number of professional, social and Bangladesh community-based organizations. This technologist always has Bangladesh in his heart. He believes, the development of Bangladesh can be accelerated fast if technology sector is developed at the grassroots. He calls on the government to focus on computer driven education rather than current general education. He says, “Even with the highest degree from universities, Bangladeshis have to ‘odd job’ in America. But if one acquires the production-based education, like in USA, he or she doesn’t need to do odd jobs.” He believes, Bangladeshi engineers have proven themselves worldwide and Bangladesh will continue to grow even faster if technology driven education is made more wide-spread and free up to High School level.


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